Friday, February 17, 2012


I really love this image. It is just a innocent, but sexy, naughty  and funny picture!!
 On this particular day we were shooting a "romance day" in Miami with a great couple.  It was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida and we were all enjoying it.
When we photograph couples we will mostly pick out a spot and have them stand or sit there but for the most part we do not set up the moment. We just tell them to act like they are alone on a date and try and forget we are around. I  think it creates a more natural "real" moment. I'm not worried about how they are standing and where their hands are. I want the couple to feel comfortable, at ease. I will take 20 or 30  shots at one spot just waiting for a moment!! That is what I did here, then after a while they started laughing and joking around  and then Amanda " flashed" him lol. Well not exactly, she had a pair of shorts under the dress but it still makes a great image.
  I was shooting with my 70 - 200 lens extended out to 80, so I was not that close and I was down a small embankment. 
For those who have been asking I was at 500sec. F4, at ISO 200. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello, all. Jim will continue to choose his image of the week on Fridays but I will be adding an image of mine on Thursdays. (We're not in competition but it sure is fun).

This image was taken at the St. Augustine's Alligator Farm. While I was looking at the wildlife, I noticed an egret a fair distance from the alligators. There was an amazing afternoon light shining on his feathers and the log on which he was standing. I took a series of images but this one spoke to me. I was drawn to its simplicity and calm because I was aware of the heightened action of the alligators searching for prey that was going on not too far away.

I hope you enjoy it!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day everyone !! Twenty- Five years ago today Phyllis and I were married!! It is hard to believe it has been 25 years. I have been blessed!!! It has been the best twenty five years of my life!!  Some of you know the story but for those who don't I'll write a quick synopsis. I first met Phyllis at her christening a few months after she was born! Before you start wondering what kind of person I am, I was only 5 years old. Our families were always close, her dad Carmen was my fathers best man at his wedding! I tell Phyllis that I looked into her crib and said " Someday I'm going to be there with you"!!! Well it took to many years ( 34) but I lived up to my word!! 
I was living in Arizona at the time, we had not seen each other in 10 years, Phyllis heard that I was getting divorced and wrote me a letter saying that she was sorry to hear about my divorce ( sure she was  lol). I called her that night and every night for a month. That was in July, I told her I might be back in Massachusetts in a year. By the end of the next week I changed that to two weeks.  I visited in August and on the second day asked her to marry me. We discussed it for about 6 hours and finally I said " Phyllis, why not? What have we got lose?" She said " you know your right, okay YES !!  I fell off the couch lol.
I went back to Massachusetts  with the understanding that we  would be married in a year. But I didn't want to wait. I called her that night and asked her if she wanted to wait that long. She said she didn't. That was August, I said what about Valentine's Day, she quickly said that was great. We were married that Valentine's day!  After not seeing each other for 10 years we were married in seven months. You know there were people saying," Sure this will work!!" But it did and 25 years later we are more in love then ever!! 
I read many poems out here about people looking for love, lost love and the one that got away! I guess were proof that love is out there for everyone, you just have to look for it and listen to your heart and brain. Marriage can be the best of times ( with the right person) of the worse of times ( with the wrong person). We have been the lucky ones but don't think it is easy, it takes work to keep a marriage strong! A commitment to each other. We have had arguments , some loud  What do you expect were both italian!! We told each other we would never go the bed mad with each other. Boy that was stupid lol
 The secret is never forget that you each love each other. Always ask yourselves  " Are they trying to hurt me? More then likely the answer is no, Were human and make mistakes. It does't mean the love is gone. Work at it, its hard sometimes.  But it is worth it, the rewards are that great!!
Here are some images of my lovely wife, Phyllis!!!

 This is Phyllis with our beautiful niece Allegra.

 Phyllis sharing our love of the outdoors and photography!!

 Phyllis after a two mile vertical hike up a mesa in Sedona at 6AM ! There are times when I am reminded how much she loves me, this was one of those times lol.

 Phyllis enjoying the ocean here in Florida!

 Phyllis looking at another beautiful day in Florida!!

 If your married to a photographer, your going to have your picture taken!! A lot!!

 One of my favorite pictures of Phyllis.

 I wish you all a year containing 365 Valentine's Days!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Miami is a very sensual city with the heat, the cool breezes, the ocean, blue skies, great food, cold drinks and a vibrant nightlife! The art deco style buildings add to the romance of this place especially at night. You see many beautiful women and handsome men walking by these colorful buildings. It should not be a surprise that many are couples, happily walking up and down the street, enjoying this wonderful place! 
I thought I would highlight some of these couples walking two by two on Ocean Drive, Miami!!

The Vibrant colors of the Art Deco Style adds to the sensuality of Ocean Drive especially at night!!

  I think this relationship is going to the dogs!!

 It is a shame when you see a couple just let themselves go like this

  Tell me this isn't a lobby with a lot of sensuality!!

Young Love in all its Glory!!

   WE all love a corny love story! Don't we!!

 I guess technically this is a 2 by 2 soon to be a three by two!!

Food and Drink add to the sensuality

 I'm not sure this relationship has a chance!!!

Every relationship has it's highs and lows

Sometimes it's not meant to be and one of the couple moves on!

 Love is wonderful!! Isn't it!!! I really love their expressions!!