Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of the key moments during the wedding day is the father & daughter dance.
 Two of us photograph  the dance and we mix up the shots with full/three quarter views and close ups. We photograph over the father's shoulder to capture the bride's expressions and also over the brides shoulder to capture the father's expression. The use of  our long lens to photograph the dance is important because we do not want to intrude on their moment. These lens allow us to stand back and yet capture tight images of their faces.

Lisa and her Father

Nichole and her father.

Stephanie and her father.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feature: Port Saint Lucie Wedding Photographer JP Brandano

I was interviewed today on cool people over there , if your a bride or groom check out their site.

Feature: Port Saint Lucie Wedding Photographer JP Brandano

Friday, November 12, 2010


A few images of the ceremony taken at  some of our weddings from this past season!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I really love to have saturated colors in my images, if at all possible. It's the way I see things, especially nature.  Some people seem to think that nature is all browns and grey. I see crimson reds, deep blues, golden yellows and bright whites. Here are four examples, hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did photographing them.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Our job is great we work with people on one of the happiest days in their life. We see so many great emotions all in one day, the first time the bride looks in the mirror and sees how beautiful she looks in her wedding gown, the first time her dad lays eyes on her in the dress and of course the first time her husband sees her walking toward him in her wedding dress. All great moments, but there are also really funny moments during each wedding day.  Wonderfully spontaneous moments that were lucky to capture, if we are quick,. Here area few of those moments:

This was taken during Emily & Chris's engagement day. 
In between shots Chris must have decided that Emily looked good enough to eat and I was lucky enough
to capture it.
                         When I, laughingly, told Kathleen that all brides worry about how a certain part  
                 of their dress will fit and that we seem to always get a photograph of them
                             adjusting that part.Well let just say she decided to take things in her own hands!!!
     When I started taking pictures of Libby & Nathan walking up a
path, they decided to try and get the jump on me ( groan)
           During the tossing of the bouquet toss . Wendy turned to see the ladies 
      diving on the floor in a fight for the flowers and  she flashed this 
honest expression of surprise and laughter. One of my favorites!
                 When Cassie and Bill told me they had something special planned
                   for the first dance, they were being honest. I thought maybe  a romantic 
                    dip, I was wrong, really wrong. What we got was a raucous, dance floor
covering, musical opera including this kicker of an ending!
                                When shooting the formals I'll ask if there is anything special
       they would like to do. This group of beautiful young ladies yelled in
unison..UGLY FACES and this is what I saw lol.
                       When I was told  Nichole  wanted a picture taken
                               with a friend , I had no idea the friend would be!!
  Rebecca and her mom went into the hall to apply the hair spray
                                           and we took this very colorful image.
                                 Stephanie & Daniel have a great sense of humor.
                            This is a pose  they struck during the formals. I guess you could say that Dan has
leg up on many grooms..( I know lolol  bad )
                               You never need to tell children to have fun,they just do!!!
                                When Daniel started to take off Stephanie's garter
                                he found other items there including a rubber chicken.
                                I'm guessing Dan is really lucky Stephanie shares his sense of
                                I love this group shot at Sarah & Kevin's wedding.. so much happiness on so many faces. I said we are lucky to do this!!!!