Monday, November 21, 2011


It's Monday and that means it must be Magnificent, at least it is over at  Jim's blog 'Holes in my Soles' at sure after you read my blog you travel over to Jim's and read all the other blogs participating in Magnificent Monday!! After all it is Magnificent!!

I do not photograph concerts. Not that I wouldn't, I just don't go and see many. Once Frank, Dino and Sammy died my options were limited!!!  So here is my take on the Musical Tour, dancing!!! We photograph a lot of people dancing. Some are good and some are umm, well I'll let you decide but they're all having fun!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Being Friday I thought I should start cleaning out my photographic closet. That is where I store images that I have not used on my blog before. I shoot many images for each post and do not use every single one. So today I thought why not post them? There is no rhyme or reason to this collection, just a veritable cornucopia of images. This is just a way for me to clean out my closet and mind!!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy life!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Readers of our blog know that we love photographing pretty much everything. Weddings, engagements, portraits, landscape, wildlife or insects, we enjoy photographing them all!! The other day when I was out in my garden enjoying another great day in Florida, I saw something move quickly on one of the plants. I thought it was one of the chameleons you see all the time here, one of these guys.

But when I looked a little closer I saw it was not a chameleon, it was something smaller!! At first all I saw was a pair of tiny eyes looking up at me.

A very tiny frog was sitting on a leaf. Later I found out they are Florida greenhouse frogs. Naturally I went into my house and grabbed my Nikon D300s and started shooting. 

Later as I uploaded them into Lightroom I started thinking about how much there is to photograph and all the different things, large and small we have had the pleasure of shooting!! These frogs are 1/4" to 1 3/4 " small with the ones I saw in the garden being closer to the 1/2" size. I started thinking about the largest subject we have photographed and it didn't take long to think about the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This amazing wonder is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and at some locations it is over a mile deep!! 

So different yet the frog and the canyon are both so interesting and beautiful to photograph!! Variety really is the key to life and at least for me variety fuels my photography. I just enjoy photographing all the wonders of nature including humans!!
How could you not be interested in photographing the extremes of  these tiny little life forms or the grandeur of the Grand Canyon!

To think that one is better than the other is so unfair to ourselves. We miss the enjoyment of so much if we dismiss parts of our world out of hand. To think one is inherently better than the other is weak minded and limiting. You may not like the taste of Italian food or Soul food but you cannot really call either inferior. 

All of nature is worthwhile and equal in importance to a photographer and hopefully to everyone else! All of our world and everything in it needs to be respected and enjoyed.

To give you an idea how small these frogs were I took a picture of some berries on a tree that I found a frog sitting. I measured a berry and it was 1/4" wide.

As you can see the frog is a little larger, not quite a half an inch.

To give some scale as to how large the Grand Canyon is I included this picture. If you look carefully at the bottom left, you will see some hikers on their way down into the canyon!!

If you click on this next image to enlarge it and look on the stairs you will see a person looking very small next to the expanse of the canyon!!

It is a great and beautiful world with much to give us if we take advantage of all that lives in it!! Size, color or place of origin do not make one better than the other. Enjoy it all and partake of it all!!!

                                      From the tiny!!

                             To the large in all its grandeur!!