Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As a photographer there is a lot to love in Florida and that includes Miami Beach. The beaches in all of Florida are wonderful and Miami is no exception.

You also have hotels that are great examples of the Art Deco style. One of our favorites is the Breakwater!! If you're looking for a hotel to stay in on Ocean Drive, do yourself a favor and check it out!!

There is another reason to love South Beach if you're a photographer or people watcher and that is the people you see. Many great looking people in great shape makes it a photographer's dream. We photographed most of these people as candids but sometimes we were seen by them and they asked us to take their photographs. We enjoyed photographing everyone on the drive but you might notice that most of these images are female. Well, I am a photographer but I'm also a guy!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we did taking them. If you see yourself or a friend in an image, please leave a comment telling us!!!

Some of you might recognize one of our favorite people and    models: it's Amanda!

If you're a women wearing a red dress and there is photographer around, you are probably getting your picture taken!!

                               See, I included some men!!!!

               The Junior Orange Bowl Queen and Princess!!

This image was shot from my hip, to try and make it candid. I really like the composition and the expanse of white behind her head.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Phyllis and I were honored to be the photographers for the MDPL'S annual Art Deco Weekend. The Art Deco Festival was started in 1976 by the Miami Design Preservation League to attract visitors to Miami Beach's Art Deco Historic District and to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts and culture of the Art Deco era (approx. 1925-1945).

Art deco weekend draws close to 300,000 people for the three day event (in the middle of January each year). It features more than eighty-five events, including: guided tours, film series, lectures, antiques, art and collectable vendors, a variety of food vendors and a classic automobile parade among others. This is the second year in a row that we have been the photographers for this event and it is a photographic highlight of the year for us.

The MDPL is a non profit organization devoted to preserving, protecting and promoting the cultural, social, economic, environmental and architectural integrity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District and all other areas of the City of Miami Beach where historic preservation is a concern.

This year the fashion show was held at the Clevelander Hotel on Ocean Drive after sunset. Photographing a event like this is fun but challenging. We knew that it would be pretty impossible to move from a spot once we found one because the place was packed. We could not stand in the front of the stage because the stage was over part of the hotel's pool and if you were not on the stage, you would be in the pool!! 

When we arrived (about an hour before the show) we were lucky to find an empty table on one side of the stage. We had spoken to one of the men setting up the stage and found out where the models would be coming out. We based on which side we would setup from that information. 

Shooting after dark and without the opportunity to set up lights around the stage, we were left with on camera flashes. One of the problems shooting after dark with flash is making sure you do not get the 'black cave' look. This happens when person is well lit but everything around them is pitch black. The settings we needed to use created a challenge in getting sharp images but we pulled it off.
So here are some of the images of the fashion show.

We arrived about an hour early and as you can see the place was packed with people enjoying themselves and waiting for the show.

                            Here is the announcer of the event.

                                        The three judges.

                                    Now, the show begins.

This being a celebration of art deco, we tried to convey that era in some of our images.

          I love this image! The flash going off gives a real feeling of    
       excitement to me plus the back of the dress in wonderful!!

         These were the three winners starting out with number three.

                              Then the second place winner...

    And finally the model and designer who finished in first place!!

We love our profession but on a night that we're on Miami Beach photographing beautiful women and handsome men, well it is hard to top a night like this!

                            We know the crowd loved it, too!!!