Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Product

Phyllis and I are excited to begin offering a photo guest book! The images for the book will be taken during the engagement shoot then used in the design. We think this is a great idea! In the past the guest book would be put away soon after the wedding day never to be looked at again. Now you will have a great looking album to remind you of the people who shared one of the most important days in your life, plus memories of your love in beautiful images. The images will be surrounded by space to allow your guests to write their thoughts. These books will cost $225 for 10 pages and a wrap around cover using one of your images. Examples of what the pages might look like are below but each book will be designed differently. Your input for what images to use will be encouraged. We will keep introducing new products as the year goes on and we have some surprises coming!! (The first image is page one, the bottom image is the wrap around cover total of 6 spreads and one cover)

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