Monday, March 8, 2010


Our first post on our trip to Florida is from South Carolina. 
One of the nice memories of my youth is our family of 4 brothers, our mother & dad in a car driving down to Florida. How much fun that must have been for our parents lol. When we reached South Carolina we saw this store with the large statue of a man in a sombrero. South of the Border, a firework superstore, back then somewhere in the 1950s this was an amazing sight. In the dark of night seeing this store, all lit up against the night sky, was something special for a young boy after driving for many hours. I have not seen it for 50 years but had the memory of the first time I saw it firmly in my mind. Yesterday when we saw the signs advertising South of The Border I had to laugh, it was still there. When we arrived after seeing the first sign stating 200 miles to it, I was amazed to see that now it was not just one building but a mini city stretching a mile on both sides of the street. A motel, ice cream store , a few restaurants, an amusement park and a more then few souvenir stores. The stores still selling the same back scratchers , signs with funny sayings, slightly off color statues and I'm sure if I looked  somewhere, I would have found  the stuffed baby alligators all a treasure back then, not so much now. I have to admit it was  a kick seeing this place after all these years, you may not be able to go back but you can revisited. 
Next stop Savannah Georgia!!!

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