Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photographing the Wedding Day & Night !

For every wedding we scout the venue beforehand. We are looking for areas we think will  help us make great images. One type of image we try at each wedding is taken at night usually outside, in the dark.  We could easily use flash straight on, which would be very easy with today's cameras and flash systems, but we don't. We instead light them one of two ways, either with Phyllis kneeling down behind the bride & groom , getting as  small as she can, so not to be seen.( which is what you see in the second and third  images) with the flash pointed at their shoulders. This gives us a nice rim light around the couple. In some cases the light actually reflects off of the wedding gown and the grooms white shirt and provides  a nice subtle light to the front of the couple.
Another way  we light them is with a flashlight, as in the first image, this allows us to keep the natural nocturnal look. If we used the flash it would light up the area and loose the ambiance that we are trying for. We are asked about these type images every time we meet with a couple to discuss us photographing their wedding day ( and night ) and are requested to take the same type image at their wedding.
Below are examples of both styles. 

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