Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am so happy to have the pleasure of adding Sulekha Rawat to the list of writers we collaborate with each month! Sulekha's blog is simply named Memoirs. Please check it out at; when you are finished here. 

Sulekha writes, "My blog is about relationships, love, life, grief and hope" and in her words; "My life is my muse and my muse is my life. I love reading and writing and greatly enjoy movies and music."  Sulekha's poems were some of the first I read when I joined the blogsphere. I really found myself connecting with her thoughts and words. She is really a wonderful writer and always  seems to be able to wring all the emotions out of her words! I know you will enjoy reading this work of hers as I did!!

Oh Angels

I saw you in my dream last night,
You were smiling at something I said.
Heard your beloved voice, singing to me,
felt your unconditional love wash over me.

Oh why did I wake up from 
my beautiful fantasy?
I don't want to be awake,
let me go back to being with you,
lying satiated in your loving arms.

It's been awhile since I saw you,
haven't heard from you in so long.
Sometimes it feels like an eternity,
that I've breathed on my own.

Memories are not enough to live on,
they don't kiss your tears away.
Can't feel their touch on a fevered brow.
Memories just lay there, cold and distant,
a stark reminder of a lost yesterday.

Your love is all I’ve ever wanted, 

You’re the only one I need.
Have waited eons to catch a glimpse,
of your sweet countenance.
Without you, I am a fallen tear drop,
my life has been a penance.

So let me dream, and live,
be it for only a while.
At least in here, we are together,
 And finally, I can smile.

Together we walk into the sunset,
holding on to each other.
With you by my side,
I need none other.

So memories go away,

I want to live with him,

who fills my soul with delight.
If I can’t have him with me,
don’t want to see another daylight.

Oh Angels, up there, hear my pleas,
I beg and beseech you.
Either let us be together on Earth,
Or let me come live with you.

Sulekha aka Lucks

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Anonymous said...

As always, Lucks, I love your work. Your emotions run deep and you have that ability to take us with you. I love your verses here. Great job, Jim. I think you really captured the haunting quality of Sulekha'a words in your photos. Another wonderful collaboration!

Alejandro said...

Lucks got Lucky to Collaborate with such a talented Photographer very emotional stuff

Cheers A

FherYmas said...

An emotional and intense piece Sulekah and the images makes the feeling more real. Congratulations this is a brilliant mixing of minds....

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Wonderful poetry Sulekha...I have never seen u write so passionately...I love it.And your pictures Jim,what can I say...EXQUISITE!!!!!

sulekkha said...

Jim, I knew I shouldn't have collaborated with you because your pictures are so great that my words don't do justice to them. Thank you for the honor, love the pictures.

Jan said...

Beautiful work from the both of you, together it is perfect.

Bongo said...

thi was awesome ..the words and photos together,,,As always...XOXOXOXO

Roy Durham said...

Jan said "Beautiful work from the both of you, together it is perfect." all i can say is god bless, a post from the heart. beautiful god bless you both.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Lovely blend of Sulekha's words and your fantastic pictures...

Savira Gupta said...

Her words compliment his pictures.. A perfect marriage....

AJ said...

You know the language of visuals, Jim. :)

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

The photographs melded perfectly with the beautifully crafted words. This is an inspired collaboration!
Blessings to you both!

Lynne Watts said...

What a great combination of moving photos with memorable words. Loved it!

Simran said...

Wow Jim,
A Very Delightful Post :)
I liked Bride's black and white image the most...
And especially the sweet description from you :)

Thanks for sharing..
Take care

JIM said...

Thank You everyone It was a real pleasure to work with Sulekha's words. They were so passionate it was tough to find images that would match her passion and I hope I came close.

Sulekha I knew that you would be a treat to work with and it was so much more thank you!!!

Portia said...

Lyrical photos and picturesque words.What a nice combination!

Tameka said...

Lucks! Your words always give me pause and a chance to reflect on love, the deepness of it. These photos are paired nicely. I see the love they have for one another. Jim you truly captured the quite moments of this couple! Lovely all around!

Swati Bhattacharya said...

Beautiful beyond it!! Both the pictures and the words! Fantastic!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Beautiful words with beautiful photos to match. Jim, you do such justice to the poets you collaborate with. You bring their words to life.

Rimly said...

This one of your most passionate poems I have read so far, Outlier and the pictures are so apt for it. Loved it. Congratulation to both you and Jim

Kalyan said...

lovely lines along with the photos... beautiful!

lakwatsera de primera said...

Awesome harmony of words and images, (my favorite is the image of the bride and groom that is backlit)

Dangerous Linda said...

omg -- this is such a weighty piece! i can hardly bear it, and with the wedding photos it speaks of a lifetime of love and stories! the thing about true love is that, one way or another, you don't get out without a broken heart, right?

thank you both for sharing!

melissa said...

Oh stack of your poetry I'd like to put music on is piling up... I just love your words, there's so much intensity in them... I truly feel them.

Jim, you've chosen the best images for this poetry and if it were my wedding images, I'd love to have this poem dedicated to my love lol :P... Do you hear that plea my angel? LOL

This is one of the best I came across so far :) CONGRATULATIONS!