Monday, November 7, 2011


In October, Phyllis and I drove to Naples, Florida to meet with a 
 young couple who will be getting married in May. We will have the honor of photographing their wedding day and wanted to meet with them and see the venue. We arrived the day before and started exploring the city. I had heard of the Naples pier and thought it would be a great place to check out. 

The pier was originally built in 1888 as a freight and passenger dock. In its early days, the pier was lined with narrow gauge train rails that spanned the entire length of the structure and was designed to transport baggage and freight to waiting vessels that would travel across the Atlantic or other points in the Caribbean or along the Eastern seaboard.

It has been rebuilt a number of times during its lifetime. It was first destroyed by a hurricane in 1910 and then again in 1926 and 1960. In 1922, a fire consumed much of the pier and the post office that sat upon it. Throughout the last fifty years, however, it has remained steadfast only experiencing minor damage from the violent summer storms that sometimes touch the southwest Florida coast.

Today the pier no longer serves as a dock for boat traffic but is instead the most popular place in Naples for fishing. From sunrise to sunset, avid anglers line the pier with their rods and buckets of bait hoping to score a good catch for the day. Unlike elsewhere in Naples, fishing from the pier does not require a state fishing license as the city of Naples purchased a bulk license that covers anyone who casts their line off the pier. The pier stretches 1,000 feet out into the Gulf of Mexico and the day we visited, we saw people fishing off every section. It is also a great place for a long, relaxing strolls and the beaches along the pier accommodate those who want to sit a while and enjoy watching the gentle lapping of the waves in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can see that the view is beautiful and people were taking advantage of this beautiful beach.


We walked out to the end of the pier into a covered area which can be welcomed after a few hours in the hot Florida sun!! I shot this image looking back at the shore.

The view from the end of the pier into the Gulf of Mexico is really wonderful.

     If you're lucky you might see a dolphin swimming in the gulf.

We saw families taking a walk on the pier and this mother and child were trying to see the small fish swimming around. It was great to see how excited the child was as he looked over the railing into the ocean!

The locals who have experienced fishing in the Florida sun wear  plenty of sunscreen and a hat is always a must. This woman also had a cloth tied around her face even with a hat. It's a good idea. This sun reflecting off the water can really burn your face if you're out there for any length of time.

As you can see this angler wore a hat with a covering attached to protect his neck.

 The view from the pier shows many people enjoying the cool  waters of the gulf.

            Others enjoy the sun and basking in its rays.

We will be going back to Naples for the wedding and hopefully will be able to visit the pier for a sunset or sunrise. If you ever visit the area,  please make a stop at the pier. If you're into fishing, bring your rod and bait. You might bring home dinner!!


Ann said...

Beautiful photos, Jim! Love the colors of the water.

Alejandro said...

Sunny and blue very nice


Alpana Jaiswal said...

I could do anything to feel the warmth of the sun there... absolutely stunning pictures,Jim..

Alfandi said... sky and a gorgeous place to hangout..I do love fishing..

Bongo said...

How absolutely beautiful...I am jealous..I want to be there...As always....XOXOXOXO

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Your photos are gorgeous and very welcome today. Pacific Northwest rain has hit. Until their passings my Mom and step-dad lived in Naples for many years. I loved visiting and collecting shells. It is a stunning location! Glad you shared these!

melissa said...

I felt serenity in the blue that I saw in your images. Your post is calm and clear Jim :) And there were spaces in the images were I could lay my eyes.

I remember how we used to go to this kind of places every now and then,it relaxes a tired soul a bit :)I've never tried fishing nor basking under the heat of the sun...but they brought a smile to my face as I looked at them.

It's nice to be back on your page :)

Welcome back Jim :)

Jessica M said...

Beautiful photos! Who says you can't experience heaven on earth?

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

As always, Jim, the photos are amazingly gorgeous! I truly enjoyed your commentary, too, especially the history of the pier.
You had me wanting to visit Naples right now! :)

Rimly said...

Wonderful pics as always Jim

Jan said...

I love your photography so much, I am always at a loss for words. Stunning would be one. I love the one with the gentleman in the checked shorts. <3<3<3 Jan

Nelieta said...

I could easily hang out at this pier, Jim! It looks like a lot of hustle and bustle there, yet a tranquility surrounds it. Great photos!

Mary said...

Looks like a very rewarding trip! Love your photos and the accompanying story :)

Andy said...

These are simply gorgeous.
The water & the sun remind me of my trip a couple of months ago to the Caribbean, so I know only too well the heat & warmth of the sun.

A beautiful place to get married or just relax.

Thanks for sharing.

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Rachel Hoyt said...

Beautiful photos! I love that the catering company I work for PT asks me to bring my camera and take pictures at the weddings. The sites we work at are so pretty. :)

Portia said...

So serene! I just got coloured blue!

Tameka said...

I am jealous of your camera lens. Sigh! Beautiful as always! :-)

Dallying Debz said...

Beautiful photos as always - I wish for a even a little bit of that sunshine over here in the UK!

eric waligora said...

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Brenda A said...

Can you actually have a wedding on the pier or was it jusy near the pier?