Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine to everyone and especially my beautiful wife, Phyllis. We are celebrating 26 years of marriage today and it is the best and luckiest 26 years of my life. After all these years she still can make my day feel great with a smile, even if she is not smiling at me. I have been a very lucky man my whole life but the day that Phyllis said she would marry me is still the luckies and best day of my life!! We received a card  the other day that said we made it look easy, well anyone that has been married knows it is never easy. It takes years of learning each others good points and faults and making it to the point where you realize you can live with each others faults but not without each other. Phyllis is a wonderful women who is equally comfortable being one of the girls or one of the guys. She is comfortable in a formal setting or hiking up mountains with me. She puts up with me taking her picture all the time and you ladies know how much she must love me in order to put up with that !! 
Phyllis is my the single most important part of my life and I work at trying to make sure she knows that each day. Here are some images of my girl, my partner, my editor ( in all things) my love, my life and my wife.
Phyllis it has been a great 26 years lets do it again!! I love you !!


Jewell said...

I adore the picture of you and Phyllis at the end, but I think of all the pics you've posted of her since I've known you I think my absolute favorite is the one of her walking on the beach (2nd from the last).

I hope you both are having a beautiful day filled with loads of love and laughter. Wishing you both many more beautiful years together! <3

Kelly Divine said...

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