Sunday, December 30, 2012


We experienced a little bit of serendipity on our trip to Venice !! Here is the story !!

While in Venice we took a water taxi to the island of Burano. This is a must see island when you're in Venice, fantastically colored houses are all-around the island. As we walked around photographing the island, I noticed a crowd gathering around a church. Being a wedding photographer, it was pretty easy to see that a wedding was ending and the guests were outside waiting for the bride and groom. Making sure not to interfere with the families and guests, I shot from outside the crowd holding my camera above my head.  Phyllis inched closer for her images.

It was great to see this happy couple celebrating their wedding day. I have not seen rice thrown during a wedding for many years, till that day!! The crowd was waiting with paper cones filled with white rose pedals and hands filled with rice. As you can see from these images, they had a ball showering the newlyweds with a snowstorm of white!!!

Just when it looked like the couple was safe from the storm, a guest added the last of it !!!


melissa said...

It's such a beautiful wedding. All the images reveal it. The shower of 'snow' is so meaningful ~ full of blessings... And to have it in such a romantic place as Venice adds to its wonders.

Paul said...

Superb photos.Really captured all the great moments before, during and after!!! excellent work.

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emma watsaon said...

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