Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The quote in this title refers to the fact that the small details in something is what makes it hard. It's a great quote but my favorite quote about details was written by Henry David Thoreau and simply states; " Our life is frittered away by details....simplify, simplify!! Thoreau said it with more class than just "Keep it simple stupid" but both are accurate in my opinion. One of the great photography gods, Henri Cartier-Bresson wrote; 'In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject'. When I am photographing a wedding or a travel shoot, I always look for the details; those small images that I will probably never use in print (Ha Ha) I found a way !!! These are images that help me remember the trip more fully. These types of images are like the seasonings you might use in cooking. People cannot pick them out but they make the dish taste great!!

In this post I have assembled such images from our trip to Venice, Italy. They might be anything from a meal we ate, an alley way, a women peeking out from hanging laundry or just a combination of colors and shadows that captured my eye. It could be a beautiful young lady sitting on a bench alone while I wondered who she was waiting for, or a small window in our hotel hall or  that same hall late at night, or maybe a women slicing meat in the window of a small cafe. 

The first image was shot between a small opening in a door. I noticed there was a carnival mask hanging and didn't want to use flash. As you will see these are small images. As always I would love to here how you feel about the details and which images you enjoyed the most!!


Desi Traveler said...

Absolutely brilliant... pics. with radiating beauty. Tough to pick a favorite.

Jewells said...

I love them all, but I think that my favorite of the series has to be the picture of the window and the world of Venice beyond. It adds an air of mystery! =)

melissa said...

La stretta strada e le finistre :) These are masterpieces and I enjoyed looking 'through' and 'pass' the window... I love the color combinations esp. the orange wall. I looked carefully at what were hanging on the clothes' line ~ very funny :)

Some images were a bit hazy but the tunnel came out well...

Thanks for sharing... you know I love details :)