Monday, May 19, 2008


Welcome to JP Brandano's Photography Web Page. The J stands for Jim Brandano and the P stands for Phyllis Brandano, my wife. We are finishing up our season and it was a very successful one. We photographed some really fun weddings and met some great people in the process. We started the year with Heather & George's wedding (where we met their wonderful daughter Prudence) and our latest wedding was April & Edwin's. We will talk about all the weddings and engagement sessions in the next couple of weeks including our first destination wedding which took place in Fishkill, New York.
The galleries on this web page will have images from all the weddings added in the next few weeks. Please drop in and stay up to date with our web page, we hope to make it informative and interesting. You will find a FAQ section and a product section where we list some of the products we offer. There is also a package section that outlines different packages that are available. If you don't see a package that works for you, please contact us and we will make a reasonable effort to accomodate you in these trying economic times.
In the meantime, stay well, keep coming back and tell your friends about us.

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