Friday, November 7, 2008

Engagement Days

You might be asking yourself , "hmm what are engagement days" , let me answer that question.By the way it is a great question. Engagement Days are when the future Bride & Groom, accompanied by a photographer, (hopefully one from JP Brandano Photography) take a trip to some destination in which they feel connected and celebrate their engagement. The place can be a busy downtown area or a place by the sea. It may even be the place where the groom proposed or where the couple's first date took place. It is a romantic and fun day with many memories and we strive to capture them. The days are important for another reason. It gives the Bride & Groom a chance to see how the photographers work. It helps build a relationship of trust between the photographers and the couple which helps the couple feel more comfortable so the wedding day photographs look more relaxed & natural.

We photographed two engagements in the month of October. Kathy & Jason (pictured below) and later April and Edwin. Surprisingly, both couples chose Portland, Maine as their location.
On the way to Portland, April & Edwin stopped at a local farm stand and picked out a pumpkin.

Both couples enjoyed a beautiful day with blue skies and warm temperatures. If you're not familiar with Portland, it is a great place to spend a day or the weekend. It has great scenery on its coastline, some really great restaurants, many well known hotels and a very nice ice cream parlor, which Jason appreciated!!!!
Both couples were a joy to photograph. They both had a great sense humor and truly were in love, as I'm sure the pictures show.

If you're planning your wedding, try to include an engagement day or night. As a special offer during the months of November & December, an engagement day or night can be booked for 2009 at the 2008 price of $125. This includes a cd of all images.

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