Friday, November 28, 2008

Kathy & Jason's Wedding Day!!

In the future, we will discuss our most recent weddings but since this blog is new, we thought we would mention some of the weddings we've photographed this past year. In our experiences, we've met some really great people. One such couple was Kathy & Jason, who were married this October. From the start of the engagement day, straight through to the wedding, you could tell these two were in love. Although it wasn't far, it was our first destination wedding. We drove to New York the day before the wedding and stayed at the Hotel Marriott that Kathy and Jason reserved for us.

We drove the day before, for a few reasons. First, you don't want to get stuck in traffic or have car problems on the day of the wedding. Can you imagine that phone conversation telling the bride you were not going to make it? The second reason is that we like to attend the rehearsal. It is really a good idea to see as much of the wedding ceremony as possible, especially if it's at a place you've never been or a style of ceremony that you've never seen. This way you know what to exspect during the service and can be prepared to be in the right place at the right time to capture those special memories.

The rehearsal went well and we were invited to the evening dinner being held at a terrific place called Shadows. Shadows sits right on the Hudson River with a great view of the George Washington Bridge. This location had a really large venue for groups. There were two sections: one, a restaurant/sports bar and the other, a function hall. Inside the sports bar, we found ourselves looking at the largest tv screen we had ever seen. That night the Red Sox were playing Tampa Bay but the Red Sox eventually won the game. (We couldn't believe we were watching a Red Sox game in the middle of all the New York fans). We had a great meal and were able to meet the members of wedding party and both families of the bride and groom. This is another advantage of attending the rehearsal. Not only do you meet more people but they get used to having you photograph them.

At 9am the next day, we gathered at Kathy's parents' house to photograph the preparations for her big day. Kathy's mom and dad were great people and a lot of fun to be around. Besides them, we were able to photograph the bridesmaids getting ready and interacting with each other. One of the bridemaids, Ashley did Kathy's makeup and worked like a professional. The two of them had great fun and gave us lots of good images to photograph.

After Kathy finished dressing, we decided to take some pictures on the front lawn. When we began photographing Kathy and saw her mom and dad wearing sunglasses, an idea came to us. We asked if Kathy had a pair, too and all three of them wore them. We captured a very funny moment which we're sure they will remember fondly.

Kathy and Jason hired a driver with a vintage Rolls Royce to transport them during the wedding. When the Rolls arrived, we left Kathy and her dad at the house while we took pictures of Jason and the best man at the church. When we finished, there was time plenty of time to photograph Kathy arriving with her dad.

The ceremony took place in a small but quaint church in Fishkill, New York. The service went smoothly and we captured many fine moments to share with friends and family.

After the ceremony, we drove to Mills Mansion to photograph the formals. It was a wonderfully sunny day with the warm colors of the foliage shining in the background so we were able to shoot many of the sets overlooking the river. We also took a couple of images from the front of the building which allowed us to spread the wedding party out among the columns. These images were some of our most favorite and received high praise from the families.

When we finished the formals, we drove to the Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls, where the reception was being held. This facility had everything a bride and groom could want. There was an expansive hall, colorful landscape with a lighted gazebo and amazing food. It was truly exceptional and made for a memorable day. If you ever have the chance to be part of an event here, we know you'll enjoy it. The reception was truly entertaining with the best congo line we have ever seen, led by an enthusiastic gentlemen. The wedding party surprised the bride and groom with an archway of light sabres that they ran under to get to their table.

The father and daughter dance was very special and showcased what Kathy's relationship with her dad is all about. There was much laughing and smiling through most of it but near the end the emotions of the moment took hold of the both of them. This image conveys that emotion quite well.

This wedding had many laughs and funny moments. It was a
very successful wedding event for everyone and Kathy, Jason, their families and friends all had a great time. As did we!!

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