Sunday, January 4, 2009

Image of The Month

We at JP Brandano Photography wish everyone a Happy New Year! A new feature we will be showing is the Image of the Month. Each month, we will pick an image that we enjoyed making and viewing. We will try and explain what was taking place and share our thought process.

Our first image is from a wedding we photographed this past October: the wedding day of April and Edwin. This was a really fun couple to shoot and if you view the images from our galleries, you can see that they really enjoyed their day.

In many weddings, the first time the bride and groom see each other just seconds before the ceremony, can be very emotional. In this image, April is being escorted by her dad, Joe to where Edwin is waiting. As April and her dad reached a point where she could see her future husband standing there, it started to happen. When April saw Edwin in his tuxedo waiting for her, she started to react. Looking through the eyepiece of the camera, I could see her reaction clearly. First, she had a slight smile then her eyes started to fill with tears. (I focused on April and kept shooting).

Then the moment happened. Overcome by the enormity of this wonderful day in her life, April became overwhelmed and in trying not to cry but loosing the battle, thrust her bridal bouquet in front of her face. I remember thinking what a great image to tell the story of this moment. Normally, I would be upset at not capturing the bride's facial expression, but not this time. I think we can all tell what April was feeling at this moment.

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