Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Announcements/ Upgrades

Phyllis and I are happy to be making announcements about upgrades that will be taking place over the next few weeks. The first such announcement is that in an effort to improve the viewing experience for our clients online, we have changed our hosting company. We have signed up with Smugmug and we will now use their interface to post our images.

This change has a few advantages. First, Smugmug offers a larger image size which makes viewing easier and hopefully more enjoyable. Also, we have more control over the images. We are now able to keep our images posted online for longer periods of time in order to showcase a particular gallery or change the content to keep the galleries interesting. Another advantage is that we can now offer a much wider selection of products and image sizes for people to purchase. This product line includes images printed on canvas, or coffee mugs and many other surfaces. The last and best advantage is that we are able to offer the same high quality while keeping the prices lower. This means we can offer prints at a lower cost to our clients. We will keep trying to improve our products to give our clients the very best possible experience. We will keep you informed of other announcements as they happen. Have a great day!

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