Monday, February 2, 2009

Enjoying a Weekend in Wintery New Hampshire

Phyllis and I (as well as everyone else in the northeast) have had enough of the snow and freezing temperatures this year. Unfortunately, it is only February and we have more months of potential snow and cold days ahead. It can be very challenging to enjoy a weekend night, but not this past weekend. We were lucky enough to be invited to photograph and listen to one of our favorite local bands, Bobby Fosmire & the Sharptones (

Bobby has been performing for over twenty years in many of the top venues in New England, including opening for Three Dog Night at the Boston Hatch Shell on the Charles River. Bobby performs almost every weekend in the New England area. This past weekend he performed at 'Nan King', a Chinese Restaurant in Hudson, NH. Bobby, as usual, was sold out and put on a great show.

Photographically, the low lights made it a challenge to find good images. Shooting with flash, I had to shoot at an ISO of 2000 or better . Even at 3200, it was a challenge to freeze the action. If you visit our web page's gallery ( and click 'family events', you can see the rest of the images. A night of great music, dancing and a good meal made the cold temperatures a little easier to manage. Whenever Bobby & the Sharptones perform near you, you should make a point to see them. We guarantee you'll have a great evening, freezing temperatures or not.

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