Friday, January 8, 2010


If we mentioned the following: Protect the President, Abbey Road, The Last Supper, Reservoir Dogs and a famous Axel Rose song, you would think we were listing movies and songs from our cultural history. That would be very understandable showing a great grasp of the 70s, 80's and 90's. You would also be wrong at least in this context. These were all moments from the wedding of Cassie & Bill, a very entertaining day. Throw in a Venetian style mask dance and a first dance like you'd see on Broadway, you would get a hint of this very unusual couple. It was also evident that they were very much in love.

This was an extremely fun day for us, The most interesting included Bill's wedding vows where he and his groomsmen sang an Axel Rose song, when they recreated the Abbey Road album cover and a famous walking scene in Reservoir Dogs and we cannot forget their version of protecting the president lol. A highlight came when the entire wedding party reenacted the last supper. We were laughing the whole day. What a great bunch of young people, full of life and imagination. The mask ball dance included real masks similar to the ones made famous during the festival season in Venice, Italy. We hope these few images help show the fun time we and all the guests had that day. Good luck, you two and keep singing, dancing and smiling during the years to come.

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