Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, Arizona

One of our favorites spots to photograph landscapes in this country is Sedona, Arizona. These are two images we made this past July. Both are of Cathedral Rock, a famous rock formation in Sedona. The area is called Red Rock territory and in these images you can see why. Phyllis took the top image while standing in the stream. This was about 6 PM and shows the great red color accented with the green of the trees. The trees also help show how large Cathedral Rock is.

I took the second image from a pull out on Red Rock Loop Road at about 5PM, a few days later. As I was taking the photograph of this beautiful landscape, I looked up and saw this cloud formation forming. You can even see rain falling behind Cathedral Rock. I recomposed the image to include more of the sky then I normally would. I think it adds drama to the scene.

(On a side note, you can see the many houses that dot the landscape in the image. When I first saw this scene about 30 years ago, there were few houses in the area. Civilization or progress I guess, made this change a little sad to see for the many who love this beautiful and unique area).

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