Monday, April 25, 2011


One of the things that amazed me when I first started reading other blogs was the amount of really talented poets and poetesses that were out there. From all over the earth these ladies and gentlemen are writing beautiful poems for all of us to read, feel and enjoy. Their ability to transform words into imagery literally amazes me.  Alpana Jaiswal, Tameka Mullins, Sweepy Jean, Sulekha Rawat, Roy Durham, Rimly Bezbaruah and many others are all wonderful writers from India to Utah with stories to tell. They entertain us, they make us think and they touch our emotions. But most of all they make us feel!!

I have been thinking for awhile how much I would love to collaborate with one of these talented people. To combine one of my images with their words would be such an honor for me. I hesitated asking because I thought that it would be too much to ask of them. Then last week, I read a poem written by a lovely talented writer named Rimly Bezbaruah. Her blog, titled ; "Journey, I write when my soul cries."  is one of my favorite blogs and I look forward to this talented lady's imagery, eagerly anticipating her next
creation. On impulse after reading it, I wrote her that collaborating on something might be interesting. I fully expected a polite thank you, yes that would be nice and then nothing lol. I could see her sitting there thinking, "Go take your little pictures and leave me alone':) But that is not what happened. Instead Rimly expressed a genuine interest in working together. 

It was determined that I would supply an image and Rimly would try and write words to match it. She explained that it would take some time to finish it and I understood completely, guessing a few weeks at least. So naturally in a few days, on Easter, Rimly sent me her creation. I felt like a kid again who had just found the most beautiful Easter egg of all time. I was so honored to have Rimly's words attached to an image of mine, it was a dream come true.  The fact that she was able to convey in her words, exactly what I saw when I made this image, a fairy tale come to life, is amazing. It's a true testament to this women's talent, heart and soul. I will be forever thankful that she honored us with her talent.

The image I choose for her to be inspired by  was one of a bride and groom whom we had the pleasure of photographing and is one of our most asked about images. Wendy and Antonio are a truly lovely couple in many ways. When we met them, we knew the were special and after spending some time with them, we felt like old friends. We were very excited to photograph their wedding day and eagerly anticipated it. When the day arrived it was a perfect wedding day almost like a fairy tale. These two physically and spiritually beautiful people had a storybook glow around them as if Disney was producing this day. She the fairy princess and he the charming prince were ready to ride off into the sunset together to a life filled with love and joy.

The ceremony was held outdoors under a trellis at sunset and presided over by Wendy's father. This was a wonderful day!! As the day turned into night, I happened to look out at the trellis. I saw that in the dark of night it was lit by tiny little lights that gave the area a wonderful look. I knew I had to make an image of the two of them under the trellis with the twinkling lights surrounding them. I wanted to use a lighting technique that we had just started developing. It involves lighting the couple with a  flashlight. This would allow the twinkling lights to be seen and give us the ability to cast a light on just Wendy and Antonio.

I love this technique because I think the lighting is reminiscent of the light used in the movies of the 1930s and 1940s. After we saw the finished image, we were pretty happy; feeling we had captured the image we were looking for. A fairy tale image! When the then married couple picked it for their album and told us how much they loved this image, well we could not have been happier.

Now to see one of our favorite images accompanied by the wonderful words written by Rimly, we feel so honored to be able to do what we do and meet the people we meet. We hope you enjoy this first time collaboration between us and Rimly. By the way Wendy, and Antonio are very, very close to welcoming their first child into the world. This will be one lucky child; to be born into a family filled with love.

Now read and enjoy the imagery of a  " A Mid Summer Night " created by a talented poetess Rimly Bezbaruah

Written by Rimly Bezbaruah

A mid summer’s night... 
Above the sky like a cape 
Is adorned with thousands 
Of twinkling gems... 
The moon looks down 
As pure and white 
Like never before... 
The forest is alive tonight.
 Silky winged fairies 
Light the forest night 
With their tiny wands 
Every bush and shrub 
Glow with a magical sheen
 With tiny lanterns Hung by elves... 
The air is filled 
With the sweet scent 
Of blossoms that 
Dance to the 
Sway of the trees
 Every creature 
Every living being 
Await in awe... 
She glides towards him
 Her Antonio
Handsome and regal 
She is Wendy 
In her gossamer gown 
Beautiful almost ethereal 
Their eyes meet... 
The moment is electrifying 
A hush descends... 
Only the tinkle of bells 
As they are gently 
Caressed by the faint breeze 
And in the distance 
The strings of a harp 
Strum this magical night 
He takes her in his arms 
And as his lips descend 
On her upturned mouth 
The world is enraptured 
As it witnesses 
Another union... 
Another coming together of one
In mind, body and soul 
Of two lovers


Mary said...

Put together is just absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful idea Jim and Rimly is a wonderful choice for finding the right words:)

FAYErydust said...

I love this one! Oh my .. How I wish it would be like that when it's about time for me to get married :)

YogaSavy said...

A fairy tale... how beautifully put

sulekkha said...

Two talented artists have created a brilliant masterpiece.Amazing work by my two most favorite writers.Jim, your picture speaks a thousand words and Outlier, you are sensational.

Anonymous said...

I just love that photo. So pegged it...quite Fairy Tale-ish.

baldychaz said...

Wow got goosebumps reading this, thanks to you both. Love both your blogs ;)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

What a power packed combination..nothing could be better than this..Rimly..on whose foot steps I try to one can write like her,and you take my breath away....the photograph is every woman's dream come true..

Alfandi said...

wow..the right photo and the carefully selected words..a power packed combination..great..

Rimly said...

Jim it was an honor to write something for you. Your picture is just magical!

Anonymous said...

Like Wendy and Antonio, Rimly's words and your photo are a match made in heaven! Honestly, there's something majestic and larger than life in both your styles that is breathtaking!

Finding One's Way said...

The image and Rimly's words were powerful. Makes me want to be in love.

Tameka said...

Rimly and Jim, wow you guys are amazing! The words and image are indeed themselves married and in perfect harmony! So lovely. I'm glad to know you both!

doubler702 said...

A Very nice combo! What a great idea Jim and what a nice poem Rimly. The photo wasn't half bad

Jim said...

An interesting concept, two artists describing two lovers via two different media...all possible via the internet!

alejandro guzman said...

Perfect in every sense or is it senses?


Hema Nimbekar said...

wow!!!!....perfect combination of JIM's photography and Rimly's beautiful words....

such a treat to eyes and dreams....really a true magical fairy tale...

congrates to both of you...

melissa said...

first time, i would be writing really something short jim... "i'm in love..."..."falling in love.." "staying in love..."

really pleased my soul...thanks :) (sigh) :P

JIM said...

Thank You everyone for your kind words and especially Rimly for her amazing words


Jorie Pacli said...

I'm speechless and I was having goosebumps when reading this.... Rimly was brilliant with her poem and your photo just fit beautifully... I'm in love!!!