Monday, April 11, 2011


For the second time, we have been honored with the Versatile Blogger Award. We really appreciate this and want to thank Charissa of SEXY BITCHY FABULOUS BLOG  for bestowing it on us. As part of receiving this award, I need to tell everyone seven things about me and pick seven blogs for the same honor. This being my second time, I have already told you all seven things about me so I will borrow Crash Davis' seven things from Bull Durham (but in a PG form). 

1) I believe in the soul.
2) I believe in two people in love.
3) I believe in the small of a woman's back.
4) I believe that President Bush's book is self- indulgent and full of crap.
5) I believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.
6) I believe if you really look at an image, you can see into the photographers soul!
7) I believe in long, slow, deep, wet kisses that last three days.

    I did borrow from Crash but I do believe in those seven things. Any comments will be appreciated:)
            Why is this image here? It is a photography blog: just making sure you remember that!!!!

Okay, now I need to pick seven bloggers and try to remember who I picked the last time lol.

1) Melissa Tandoc is a young women who lives in the Philippines. Her blog's name is  DEPTH, Depth  which is a very appropriate name, for this is a women with much depth. I always look forward to her blog post but also to see what comments she has left on my blog and others. They are always well thought out and full of warmth, caring and a natural intelligence. Let me show you what her profile states.
a citizen of the itinerant...i've lived my life following my heart... and carrying my tent wherever God takes me... a product of the "carpe diem" society... an incurable optimist and people to life's surprises... i always believe that GOD has something GREAT in store for each one of us.. If you do not want to read more of what this women's writing, then you have no soul.

                                                   Don't mind me just keep reading:)

2) Tameka Mullins blog is named "Lyric Fire" Her tag line states     "Your pen should always burn the page." I think that Tameka's pen has started more fires than lightning. Reading her poems is a great experience. She take what we feel and puts it into words that we wish we said. If you have not read her poems, visit her page and read what this very insightful women has to say. She is in the middle of a thirty day challenge, writing a poem a day for thirty days. I have no idea how she is doing it but she is. Visit her blog and then thank me.

3) Lucy of " Life Through Lucylastica's Lense" seems like the kind of person you would enjoy sitting down with and discussing both of your lives. You would want a drink of your choice but you would enjoy the experience and would want to do it again and again. The great thing is you can, overtime, if you read her blog.
Read the first paragraph from her latest posting;
Whenever I think of Sunday's I think of the noises made by Hubby and the dog as they both enjoy their ritual Sunday afternoon nap. I feel the need to apologise to our neighbours for the decibel count at this stage!Whenever I think of Sunday's I think of the noises made by Hubby and the dog as they both enjoy their ritual Sunday afternoon nap. I feel the need to apologise to our neighbours for the decibel count at this stage!  
I do not know about you but I want to read more about Lucy's Sundays and her Mondays, Tuesdays, ect, ect!!

4)  Jewell's blog,  " Really!, Wait! What?  Is a little ( wait for it, you knew it was coming), Jewell in the blog universe.  Let me show you the opening line from one of her last post: The internet me is going "Weeeee! It's Thursday!"
The real life me right now is going "Fuck!  It's Thursday!" Tell me you do not want to read more, really? Of course you do:) Whenever I am looking for a laugh, I head over to Jewell's blog and as a bonus, you get to see some interesting pictures that she takes.  You knew I had to have some blogs that feature photography!!!

5) Okay, so I was a little hesitant to select the next blog. You see its author spotlighted my blog on her blog, saying some really nice things about it. I did not want this to seem like a quid pro quo arrangement. You know: scratch my back, I'll scratch yours because if I did pick her, it would not be for that reason. But what would people think! So I decide not to pick Dawn Sievers's  blog that is named, "Healing Morning" at even though Dawn's writing is excellent. I mean really first rate, some of the best you will find in our little universe. It is too bad because I had some really good ideas about what to put in an award if I did but I am not.  But if I did, I would have shown what her tag line states.
Healing Morning is a space to discuss those indefinable moments, topics, thoughts, that allow us to grow on a spiritual, personal and, I hope, global level. I hope to remark upon holistic healing, spiritual concepts, and stumble upon topics that inspire, intrigue and push us all to regard life in a different manner from having read what is posted.
Then I would have mentioned that if this did not make you curious about her blog then maybe this quote from a recent posting might:
"I've written before that I enjoy rainy days (Free Flight, Healing Morning, 1/24/2010).  Particularly, I enjoy the ones where the rain visits for several days and gives us that soft, misty gray quality to enjoy.  To me, the world takes on a different energy, one that is a bit slower, a bit more deliberate and a bit more profound...if we pause long enough to embrace it."
Well, that is what I would have written. Who knows if it would have made people want to visit? You know if I had written it!!

6)  blog, " long winding is best explained by Jorie's words:

Welcome to my blog! I'm your travel writer here sharing with you my travel experiences around Asia in particular. Join me in my exploration and together we learn something new. This is my unique travel blog where there's a room for everything that matters about travel and just plain silly fun! Maybe you should try going through the content of my blog and see if you're taken away to a whole new way of reconnaissance... Thank you for being here and hope to see you again next time...
It is one of the blogs that I always read. I love travel and have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit but never to Asia. That is, until I started reading Jorie's blog. I have seen images and read a description of beautiful orchids taken in Singapore's Orchid Gardens. 
I have traveled to Singapore's Night Safari, the worlds premier night zoo. Heck, I didn't know there were such places. I do now, along with seeing images from a night safari. 
Check out Jorie's blog! It is much cheaper then traveling to Asia and you can see and dream!!!

7) Mitzi's blog, Daily Reflection,  is always a treat to read. You see this is a blog about change, new beginnings. As explained in this posting by Mitzi:
A funny thing happens when you pass on from one stage of life into another.  I recently turned 50 and it has also been 10 months since I found myself in the role of a stay at home wife.  Along with this particular role comes a multitude of opportunities. Yet, something else goes along with suddenly finding myself in this stay at home role.  Time, time and plenty of time!  Time to catch up on reading, tend to the home, house train new puppies, work on special craft projects, have dinner ready for hubby when he comes in from work and of course the opportunity to get out and about taking a crack at some photography.
Okay, so it is a little about photography but really about so much more. The photography is like a condiment. Mitzi uses it to spice up her postings but in my mind it is more about the writing.
I have spent a lot of time over the past week considering the "tone" of this blog and found an amazing discovery.  I write more and you readers seem to mostly enjoy the articles with a philosophical or self awareness tone.  When I reviewed the articles that received the most comments; it was those which gave you, the reader - a moment to pause and reflect on your own life.  Even more important, those are the articles I enjoy writing the most and those are the types of topics that I want to continue with as I continue this journey here on Daily Reflection.
I cannot urge you in strong enough words to visit her blog. If you're over fifty or under fifty, you will find interesting postings that might help you understand your life a little better. 

Okay, so those are my seven picks.  If you have not visited these blogs, please do yourself a favor, GO VISIT THEM NOW!!  

Now go! What are you still doing reading? Go visit one of them now! Then come back here tomorrow, please:)

    Is it really over? Yup, I'm going to go read one of the blogs. Want to join me???


Ann said...

Great list--some I already read & new ones to check out!

Charissa said...

Great list! I'm always looking for new blogs to read. And thanks for the mention :)

alejandro guzman said...

cool picks my FB friend. hey are we?
love the photo of the ducks and you deserved it...

A can I say P.......P?

melissa said...

oh jim... hmmm... you know what made me emotional was the fact that i have been waiting for your surprise since this morning :P... you told me the other day to wait for monday's post :P...i was wondering what next... what next... like the wedding photo series earlier... then the sequence of the heroins... oh, then i saw your message... finally, there you were... you know how i liked that photo so much...

i was so eager like a child to open a gift...

grazie tantissimo :)... teach me to be humble like you... ;)

melissa said...

ooppsss forgot to comment on the post's contents... i believe in those four things you wrote in your list...

i have no idea about the rest :P...

is it true?

i contemplate photos... then i get to see more than what the lens have captured... that's marvellous... :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Jim, what a glorious review of my blog! Thank you so much for that! It goes without saying that I LOVE your blog! Congrats with your award! You definitely deserve it!

Healing Morning said...

Wow, I'm so glad you didn't feel obligated to mention me. If you had, then I'd have felt, in turn, all sorts of feeling flattered to have made your list and being chosen twice in one week for this lovely award. Like feeling a great big smile at the recognition from one of my blogging peers. Like really hoping we get to meet in person in the not too distant future. Like it's nice that none of the above happened, because then I'd be here writing this sincere Thank You for the compliment and then we'd both be all kinds of "aw shucks" awkward. What a great thing we're not doing any of that stuff!

Namaste', my friend. You gave me many smiles today. :) When I don't address this in my blog later this month, I won't mention you, or shoot you the link. ;-)

~ Dawn

Tameka said...

Wow! Thanks so much for selecting Lyric Fire for this award! Such beautiful words! My day has been made. I look forward to reading some new blogs as well. Have a gorgeous week Jim!

Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jim - your description of my blog made me want to go and read it...then I realised you were talking about me! Thanks for the accolade. My second time awarded the versatile blogger award and it's especially an honour coming from a fellow blogger whose words and pictures I admire so much. Now I'm off to check out the other 6! Keep up the good work - Well done you! x

Jim said...

A good list of sites I will need to read. Thanks for highlighting these Jim!

Ana said...


Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Great choices for the blogs - I love them all. The comments from Crash made my day - one of my fave movies!

Jewell said...


Thank you so much for thinking of me when coming up with your list. I'm truly flattered! =) xo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. The photos were absolutely stunning as usual, and you're commentary brilliant (of course). I loved the first photo; felt like I was swimming next to them.
Very informative, kindly worded list you made. I look forward to reading them and with your description it feels like I already know them.

sheril benedict said...

Great Pics!!n Congrats for the award

Jorie Pacli said...

Hi Jim B.,

Oh nay! Oh yay! What am I gonna do now knowing I get the same award but from another person and that's you? Absolutely surprised! I never expected this from you..... So thank you very much...:)It feels good somehow people recognizes your effort and I bet you felt the same way too when you received this award. Congratulations to you! You fully deserved it so continue to do the thing that you do best and shine through among the rest... Thanks once again...:)


Jidhu Jose said...

Really nice to know abt the fellow bloggers

Baldychaz said...

Super blog you have Jim and it deserves a versatile blog award or two ;)