Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today we continue on with our popular series of collaborating with the great poetesses and poets of the blogsphere. We will be looking for writers for next month's collaboration. If you're interested, contact me or send in one of your poems. We will pick one of the poems and feature it each month.

Before we start this month's collaboration, I have an announcement about our blogging schedule. I started out as a photographer who wrote a blog. I am now in danger of becoming a blogger who photographs and I need to get back to my photography, my business and my life lol. Plus feeding the monster can be dangerous for us bloggers, we need to have high quality food (content) and if we stretch ourselves too thin, we risk feeding inferior food to our readers. With this in mind, I will be blogging three times a week instead of five times. I hope you all understand and appreciate my reasons for this change. Most weeks it will be on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. We're only changing due to business obligations or photographic trips.

Thank you for following us and making us part of this great neighborhood of enormous breadth, both geographically and intellectually. Our next follower will be number 200 and we are fast approaching 15000 page views. To us, this is amazingly wonderful. We once again thank you with all our heart. Now on to the fun stuff!!!

Adriene blogs under the name, Sweepy Jean and writes poetry under the name A D Joyce.  This is one lady of amazing and varied talents who lucky for me writes one of her original poems for all of us today. I think I will let Adriene describe Sweepy Jean and A D Joyce for us. From her blog:

These are the musings of a writer, mother, wife, fantard, and citizen of the world trying to find her way. A long-time poet who at one time forgot how to speak has opened her mouth again and is finding her voice.
I feel so unique but really, I am so typical. After a couple of decades sublimating myself to the needs of my family–experiencing the joys and trials that family life can dish out–I finally realize that, after God, I should be my priority. Then, next in line are my husband and my two adult children who have repopulated my empty nest (thanks busted economy).
On my “day job” as an editor/writer for a medical magazine, I’m satisfied with my level of accomplishment. But what about my unfulfilled dreams that haunt me in the cold dark of night? Right now my goal is to complete a book of poetry and get it published somehow.
After that, who knows?

If you have read Sweepy Jean's blog you will have no doubt that the book will be published and you will want to own it and read it over and over again.

A D Joyce's Poem Titled:

To Summer.

Our eyes met 
When pink and white
Were brilliant,
Timeless, fleeting
Cherry blossoms.

We hate to
Leave the moment.
We mimic
The soft green trees
Drink late spring rain,

Face to face
Catching silver
On our tongues
Quenching a thirst--
Small, delicate

A rainbow
Betrays the sun.
In us, heat,
Our hearts melting
As springtime flames

To summer


FAYE said...

Awesome poem and it seems like I'm still asking for more. The poem is too short for me. Hahaha. Anyways, the poem and the pictures fits well. =) How romantic.

alejandro guzman said...

Sweepy Jean is the best of the best!
I love these posts of yours Jim they are really a wonderful collaboration in Art..

Cheers A

Roy Durham said...
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Roy Durham said...

you both did a fantastic art i can see it comes from the heart. breathing love into the world . thank you god bless

Nava.K said...

great words with the matching photos to fix in.

keep up the great work.

melissa said...

wow...magnificent :)... it's a bit light, soft and gentle... like wind brushing my face...(the post i mean not the kiss) :P... so with the explanation, i take in mind, how grateful i am that you nourish yourself and phyllis and come to the center of what's more important :)... i pretty much like the first photo... it's very sweet and tender... the background, the lights and the setting---everything is balanced with the poem...brief but everything is in there... summer... love... bloom... kiss... all the elements i appreciate... hmmm... so you see with your blog page, i get to feed my eyes... my mind... it's refreshing to see the passion inflamed in giving the best to other people... it's more profound when well thought of... it comes from a well within :)....

very very beautiful... si vede e si sente tant'amore dentro di te...

Jessica Brant said...

Beautiful story to match your beautiful photos.. Loved the tulips

Laura said...

Beautiful :)

hocam said...

Great collaboration. Loved both the poem and the photos

Ravenmyth said...

Beautiful presentation of literary art and photographic image. I loved the flow between words and imagery..always heightens the experience for me.

The poem felt like a memory of when they first met and the depth of love is felt within the words...taking you through the stages of " Love's first awareness...and then blossoming..."... great collaboration....!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Summer has always inspired poetry and witty sayings. The warm fun filled days, the cooler nights, sandy beaches or mountain hikes filled with day dreams and beautiful scenery or just enjoying the balmy weather in the place where you live...and to add to it,the beauty of Sweepy Jean's awesome poetry...please do keep writing,it a pleasure reading it. And Jim,what should I say,love is actually oozing out of your photographs..just makes me think of this quote..."Love is my religion -- I could die for it."
- John Keats

Alfandi said...

nice combo..great pics and beautiful words..

Anonymous said...

Nice composition, both poem and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Where words fail; images speak and vice versa. What a lovely combination.
Btw, Jim I understand the whole turning into a blogger thing you said. I am trying hard not to be one. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful bloggers out there but, some of us are more than that.And nobody wants to read a halfass post so good for you for establishing a schedule.

Anonymous said...

Jim, thanks so much for asking me to collaborate with you. I have long admired your photos and blog. To be a part of it in this post is a thrill.

The images you chose are the perfect fit to my words. They add so much depth and for that I am grateful. If you need to change your blogging schedule to create more of your art, then go for it!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem! I do write longer ones but I try to make sure every word counts, so a little goes a long way! :-)

AJ said...

A wonderful marriage of words and images. Love it!

sulekkha said...

Sweepy and Jim, you both compliment each others great talent and I loved her introduction. Great pics with an amazing poem, thanks for sharing

fantacy in practicality said...

jim, i agree with your high quality food. i too try too maintain that. but still loved to read your posts five times a week. three times.....well will compromise for the quality.

sweepy jean, you are a great poetess. simple words with deep thought. i like poetry this way the best.

both of your collaboration is just like a SUPERSTAR.

cath said...

I am a person who is very visual and loves the written word too. This post was the perfect balance of both for me...

I too have had to slow down a bit Jim, to have time to learn more about photography and to paint. Giving yourself time to do what moves you (and buys the macaronis that feed you) is something you should never apologize for.

Adriene, I love your poetry and wait wait wait for that first book...

Awesome post both of you!
~cath xo
@jonesbabie on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Two of my favourite bloggers in the same place. Amazing.

Rimly said...

All I can say that the poem and pictures took my breath away. I could almost imagine myself being there and being kissed. Great both of you.

Tameka said...

Sweepy, you SWEEP me away with your words and Jim, just like BRANDO, your art amazes me. Lovely collaboration. I can see this being a greeting card for Valentine's Day. Beautiful.