Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 As I photographed the chicks this past week, I was amazed at how precarious their first couple of months alive are! At times they are literally balancing on a thin branch trying to reach their parents, who are perched on a branch a few feet away. If they fall, it's certain death and if they reach the parent, they are ignored for the most part. Later this week I will show a few of these situations. But today I thought it should be all about life & beauty. After all earlier this week I showed you the other side, danger and death.

   Tri Color with Chick
  Tri Color Heron Chick

Seeing these chicks in their nest high in the trees made me think of that old lullaby, Rock A Bye Baby, such a sweet song. Remember?

Rock a Bye Baby in the tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
Down will come baby cradle and all

 What sicko wrote this song?

  Heron chicks, I love the nest hair effect lol.

Rock a bye baby, do not fear
Never mind, baby, mother is near
Wee little fingers, eyes are shut tight 
Now sound asleep - until morning light

Sure have great night's sleep until that bough breaks. Damn, no wonder so many of us have insomnia. I think it all comes from this  **#%* song:)

These images are of baby herons around 24 hours old. The mom would sit on them providing warmth and cover. Every so often she would stand and that's when I captured these images. You can see traces of the parent's body in each image. Remember I am using a long lens and I am not as close as it seems. I never disturbed the nest or herons. In the first two you can see the chick is hungry and letting the parent know. Later this week I'll have some images of them being fed.


Alpana Jaiswal said...

"The first sparrow of spring! The year beginning with younger hope than ever!... What at such a time are histories, chronologies, traditions, and all written revelations? The brooks sing carols and glees to the spring." - Henry David Thoreau
They look so sweet,Jim,I really wonder as to how you do it,its real...

Nelieta said...

You must have an incredible zoom lens Jim to get these magnificent pictures! I am sure the mom is not very happy when someone gets too close!

Ann said...

I Love the 1st photo of the tri color heron chick! Thanks again for sharing!

Rimly said...

They look so fragile. I hope as may of them grow up to fly and explore the skies. Lovely as always Jim.

melissa said...

reminds me of a Bible passage although the writer referred to a hen gathering her chicks under her wings... it's pretty amazing that even for animals this love and bonding is shared and shown explicitly...the pictures are great... i truly appreciate the baby's hair... :P... hmmm...i truly liked your post...;)...

Alfandi said...

you're lucky to be able to witness and photograph those beautiful "kodak" moments..I've been trying for years and couldn't..most of the waterbirds here are migratory..gorgeous pics anyway..