Sunday, October 7, 2012


When we're in any city, I enjoy photographing the people of that city. Ninety percent of the time the shots are candids. The reasons I take certain images can be as different as the people I photograph.

In this photo what interested me was the man riding the scooter. We saw many people riding scooters, motorcycles, electric scooters, bikes and electric cars. Seems the ecology and the economy influence these options.

                                          Even the police go green !!

We were at the Eiffel Tower when I photographed this young man. His family was in line (4 to 6 hour wait) and he was keeping himself amused by chasing and catching the pigeons!!

I saw this photographer shooting the tower from this perspective!!!
I admired her creative process!!

Paris has been called the world's most romantic city and walking around you see that many people agree!!!

Here is a cliche, a beautiful sunny afternoon in Paris and people having lunch at a sidewalk cafe!!

                     Did I mention the romantic nature of Paris???

      Romance can be at any age and expressed in many ways !!

When I saw this man all I could think of was this was my idea of a Frenchman!! The face, the expression, all purely French to me !!

While waiting in our hotels lobby Phyllis had a gentleman sharing her settee.

We saw so many ladies on their way to work driving motorcycles!!

           Do I even need to explain why I took his picture????

Why did I take this picture?? Umm..Phyllis will see this blog, I think she was just part of the Parisian streets !!! Yes, I'm sure that's why I took this image!!

 This delightful young lady, (Anna) was the barmaid at our hotel. She was a really nice woman and bought our drinks for us!! I like nice women who buy me drinks!!!!

This woman was riding beside this young boy. Perhaps his mom was riding with him to his school????

I saw this young woman on the Champ de Elyees. The first thought was 'little girl lost'. Was she lost ??? I have no idea but that is part of the fun of shooting candids. Some photography is shooting reality and some is creating a reality!!

                Another young woman riding her bike!!

                Street entertainers! I always love street entertainers!!

           Phyllis and her cousins walking among the artists!!

Phyllis photographing a corridor at the Louvre.

I crossed the street to take this picture: a young woman on the Champs Elysees looking into the window of Cartier. Make up your own reality. It can be fun, try it!!

Somedays the photography gods smile at you and give you a cliche, yes a cliche but one I'll take every time. Early morning on the streets of Paris and a holy man traveling from a bakery with a fresh bread baguette. I'll take this shot every time and walk away smiling!!!


Leah Griffith said...

I really enjoyed your trip to Paris! You got some amazing shots. My absolute favorite was the young lady lying on the grass while snapping a photo. They were all great fun to see Jim.

Dangerous Linda said...

Dear Jim,

I love, love, love this post! As if I just went on a mini vacation to Paris! Too many favorites to list! Wonderful!

I'd like to share this post at:

Thank YOU!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Yes! You've done it again! I feel like I am smack-dab in the middle of Paris when I didn't even leave my computer. :) You are so talented, Jim, and your narrative is superb and entertaining as always.
Next adventure, please? :)

PORTIA said...

I'll just say "WOW!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Lovely, I shared :-). Love the kissing shots!

Corinne @ Everyday Gyaan said...

I don't know about how much you enjoyed the trip, Jim but I certainly enjoyed your trip! Thanks for taking us there. Now I want to visit Paris more than ever? Are you working for the French Tourist Office? ;)

melissa said...

Shhh...but I think I like French now :P You brought back the 'romance' factor through this post. And I truly love the candid shots. Sooo, what did Phyllis say about that particular shot? :P

That image of the man balancing the ball looked like a's amazing!

I love the face of the child who held the pigeon ~ that expression is priceless :)

It seems that you had a lot of fun indeed :) And your experience has invigorated you ~ a lot!

I love that you have shared everything here with us. I feel the youth inside of you. I;m sure you and Phyllis had a truly wonderful experience :)