Monday, October 15, 2012


Sometimes you plan and plan for a great photographic opportunity.  Then at times something falls into your lap, we had that happen twice in Rome. Once late at night in the Campo De Fiori and then  early morning at the Trevi Fountain. 
We were sitting in a outdoor wine bar when we looked up and saw this clown walking around. I mean an actual clown !!!

 This guy was pretty funny as he interacted with people watching him and other people who happened to be walking by!!

 The Trevi Fountain is one of the most visited fountains in Rome!! It was made famous by the movie " Three Coins in the Fountain"

It is a very romantic spot ( like most of Italy) and you often see young lovers. These two were up early it was around 7:30 AM.

 Then we saw this gentleman and thought we had stumbled on to a wedding. In fact he was one of two models on a shoot. We took advantage of both these situations to try and make some hopefully interesting images.


Me said...

Lovely pictures Jim.... I loved that Trevi fountain the most... it is simply tooo beautiful!

Makes me want to be there :)

jan neel said...

Such awesome shots, looks like you are having a marvelous time. I love the clown, I love the spontaneity of those shots.

Desi Traveler said...

Excellent lively pics... just loved the clown.. specially the MJ move

melissa said...

Oooo la Fontana di Trevi! You know, I really asked my friend where I could find it so I could visit it. I bought many postcards for my family there wishing they could see it too.
But I didn't throw in any coins :P

One of the best things I liked in the piazzas of Italy is their entertainment factor. I could just imagine this clown. It's even fun just looking at the images you shared.

I thought I just saw James Bond :P Sooo you also became a part of the photoshoot? LOL!

Loved this Jim ;) and you know why :D

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

All I can say is trite at best - "Oh, wow!" But, I mean it with all my heart, Jim.
These photos transport me into the world you viewed. Thank you for sharing and making my world richer for it.

Kriti said...

Jim I love that joker! Loved the expressions on his face and could actually imagine him doing all the stuff as shown in the picture! My favorite one of him where is walking with that girl (hand in hand). I would have cracked up if I was that girl! Loved being her as usual!

PORTIA said...

Very nice and sweetly surprising!
'clowning' is not a 'joke'! It is really tough to be a clown in the street and get laughed at to make others laugh and be light for some moments. This is very rare these days! And that fountain!! Did you throw some coins there and made your wish!! The idea itself is so romantic!!
Thank you, dear Jim, for sharing these sweet moments with us.

Leah Griffith said...

Thank you for the fun and beauty Jim. Your photographs carry so many stories. I love it!

Tameka said...

Hi Jim, that clown looked like he was having fun even though he had a sad face painted on. The fountain was breathtaking and the wedding models were characters. I see you are enjoying your life and traveling to some beautiful locations. Bless you!