Friday, November 30, 2012


Piazza San Marco (often known as Saint Mark's Square) is the   principal public square square in Venice. The bell tower of St. Mark's Church is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.
It is inhabited by hundreds of pigeons in which people take great pleasure in feeding and posing for pictures!! Here are some images taken over the four days we visited.

As readers of this blog have seen in the past I enjoy making images of artists creating their art!! This gentleman attracted quite a following this day.

The Cafe Florian was established in 1720 and still operates. On our first day in Venice it was raining and a little chilly. We stopped in for a cup of tea for Phyllis and an expresso for me. I love Phyllis' expression of pure joy lol. This was the favorite coffee house of Casanova, no doubt attracted to it because it was the only coffee house that allowed women during his time!!

As you can see the pigeons are plentiful and the tourists cannot get enough of them. It is kind of funny that with all the great art around the square, the pigeons seem to be the biggest draw lol.


jan neel said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful photos, the backgrounds are fantastic, such architecture. I ove the pigeons and people, your right how funny that the birds are a bigger draw than all that art. I think they may just be more "in your face" Thank you for this post, made my morning.

Andi Anderson said...

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melissa said...

Amazing! I haven't visited this place and it's so beautiful. I can't imagine all those pigeons out there... I could perhaps watch that artist paint his work the whole day and not get tired... Love all those images.