Thursday, November 1, 2012


We always try to attend the wedding rehearsal, it gives us a chance to get to know the wedding party. It also allows us to see what the ceremony will be like. We would not want any surprises on the wedding day. Most times, we get to meet the officiant and talk for a few minutes. We always ask what their "rules" are for the photographers. When we met with Father John, he told us that we would only be able to use flash during theprocession and recession. We later negotiated three other parts of the ceremony where we would be able to use flash.

We always try and take portraits of the wedding party and the guests.

                      But many of the images are candids!!

The wedding prep was at the church in a meeting room, not the environment we would normally choose. This mirror became a focal point. But first we had to move folding chairs and a large conference table out of the way. This is just part of the photographer's job.

This very beautiful young lady was the Maid of Honor and the bride's daughter !!

                                     The bride,  Dawn and her sister, Karen. !!

The ring bearer decided that the job was not for him and no      amount of coaxing changed his mind!!


Danno said...

I shot a wedding 'once'. One of the most difficult tasks you can imagine. A lot of unexpected issues and the entire event took a lot of concentration. It all turned out well, but let me tell you - pay your photographer - they are worth the price. Nice set Jim.

Rimly Bezbarua said...

Always a pleasure to see your photography , Jim.

Tameka said...

I love these behind the scenes captures. Nice work as always Jim.