Wednesday, December 26, 2012


One of the really great parts of traveling to different countries is seeing the people. The citizens, visitors, workers: old and young are all a large part of what makes traveling so much fun and interesting.

Una bellissima giovane donna

I saw this man sticking his head out a door to smoke his cigarette.  

                               A waiter from Cafe Florian

             This gentleman was out fishing one early morning.

                                          The gondoliers of Venice

                          Shopping in the early morning


                                   How can you not love this women's face?

                                         A tour group just off an ocean liner

This vendor had a great restaurant that served bite sized food and wine. It was a great place to stop for lunch.

                              Young lovers, Venice is a very romantic city.

            A gentleman on his way to work in the early morning.

                     A young athletic women turning cartwheels.


Danno said...

Great portfolio - loved seeing all the people

Danno said...

Great portfolio - loved seeing all the people of Venice.

jan neel said...

these are fantastic, I love the way you are able to capture the their expressions.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Oh, the marvelous connection I felt in seeing these wonderful people! And, I especially loved the woman's aged face and expression. Just beautiful, Jim!
Thanks for sharing!

Jessica M said...

Loved the diversity in the images you captured...Gives one a full view of a good cross-section of the city.

melissa said...

Very dramatic images... they look great as posters. You captured color and everyday life with intensity...


Andi Anderson said...

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