Monday, December 13, 2010

A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS!!!"why cant we all just get along"

This image was taken at the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm this past March.
The Egrets were making their nest and this one was in the tree tops gathering branches and twigs  to help his mate build their nest. The Alligator Farm is a great place to photograph birds even though it is a paid admission zoo, the birds are not part of the farms inhabitants. They fly in and out of the trees and farm whenever they want. One of the reasons that so many nest there is the protection offered by the dozens of alligators patrolling the ponds, which surrounds the trees. Really a great lesson in nature and wildlife coexisting. Made me think of Rodney Kings plea of "why cant we all just get along" OF course if one of the birds should get to close to an alligator or a baby should fall out of it's nest...well lets just say that is what the alligators get out of this relationship.  Lunch anyone???

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