Friday, December 31, 2010


OK I have to admit it I'm falling in love. After being married 24 years I 'm falling in love all over again and my wife does not mind at all. You see I'm falling in love with black & white imagery all over again.
I have been "seeing" in color  from my very beginning days of photography. Then digital came and the colors could be so rich and deep and the way we exhibit our work can make them look even deeper & richer. I went crazy. I was addicted to those wonderful colors; the great red sunsets, and the beautiful blue in the sky or in the eyes of a young child. Oh my god look at those flowers yellow, greens, blues, purples and reds, I was infatuated.
Then about a year ago I heard voices, talking to me when I was alone working on my images or even when I taking them. They came as whispers and then a little louder "this might look good in black & white", this portrait is good but it just might look better in black & white" and finally" HEY DUMMY process it in black & white!!. So I started doing just that, I started looking at different images and different ways of making them black or white. That is when it happened I started seeing those rich blacks and clean whites and all the shades of grey. I was hooked, in love and mesmerized by the wonderful world of black & whites. Ebony & Ivory became my favorite song. Ok maybe that's going to far!! But I do love those blacks & whites.
 There are different ways, many different ways to develop a black & white image. They can be made in camera ( not my choice, lack of control) or in post production. In post production you can use LR3 and there are several ways in LR3 to do it. In Photoshop and there are many plugIns or stand alone software programs out their that will help in the process. Most of them have presets that might do the trick with a click of your mouse or you can adjust them to your liking. I will not go into the nuts & bolts of how to in this post, there are many places to find that information.
So I suggest  that you start seeing in color and black & white. Your art will benefit as well as your clients.
So when you hear those voices in your head, listen, listen carefully. If they tell you  to climb up on a water tower with a rifle, do us all  a big favor, do not listen but go see a doctor, real quick. But if they start telling you to expand your artistic vision, then listen it just might be your subconscious pulling on your creative cape!
 Everyone have a great time tonight but be safe. Drive sober, I might be in the car next to you!

Have a happy New Year.

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Nelieta said...

Thank you so much Jim! You have a great way of explaining things! I have been battling with this concept and I am never sure when a photo should be used in B&W or in colour! Thanks again!