Saturday, December 11, 2010


Now is the time when many start listing their favorite things from the past year so with all due respect to Rogers & Hammerstein, I thought we would do the same. These are our images, both professional and our nature/wildlife images. We will share a different image each day.

The first is an image that was taken this past March in Ding Darling. It was early morning and there were many types of birds in the ponds, trees, on the shore and flying around. I saw this egret in one of the first ponds along the road. We had parked and were standing on the shore looking out on the pond with many other photographers. I was trying to decide which scene I would shoot first (talk about your kid in a candy store). When I looked down, not more then 40 yards from where I was standing, there was this lone egret. 
In the early morning light his white form really stood out against the still blue water. The only ripples were from him fishing. 

I just love the simplicity of this image, white egret on the blue water, nothing more.

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