Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look Right and Left When Crossing the Street or Taking a Photograph!

Women Waiting On MonoRail Platform!

This was taken this past Sunday morning. We were leaving the hotel to head out to the ART DECO Weekend. As usual I was carring my camera instead of having it my camera bag. When I opened the door to our car I, by habit, looked up and down the street that we were about to pull out on. When I  saw this image, above us, of a women standing on the platform of a mono rail station. I loved the candid siloutte  and how she was framed between the two parts of the platform. I guessed that I didn't have much time till she would be gone so I took a quick 3 images and she was gone. If I didn't have my camera out and my readings set I would have missed  the opportunity.
I realized afterwards that  the bottom part on the structure  kind of looks like the sprockets on a reel of film.
So my mother was right when she told me to look both ways when crossing the street. But arn't mother's always right?

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