Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Working Women of South Beach

When you walk on Ocean Drive in South Beach for three days you get to see some really hard working ladies. These are the young ladies who stand in front of the restaurants they work for and try and convince you their restaurant offers the best food & drinks for the best price.  These young women, from what we could see ,are out side in the hot sun for many hours a day. They approach you as you walk by and very politely extol the virtues of their restaurants, always smiling , well almost always. There are also young women who sell you cigarettes and cigars out of trays that hang from their necks.
We saw most of these ladies out there all three days we were there from early morning till late afternoon.
Their selling works, it brought us in.
If your down there tell them you saw them on our blog.

Great Smile

Selling Cigars and such!

Selling soft drinks on the beach!

I love the expression on the gentlemen and his son  lol!!

Standing in The Hot sun

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