Saturday, January 22, 2011


We are having our first contest here at JP Brandano Photography. The winner will receive a free 11 x 16    limited edition signed mounted print. This is a $200 - $400 value. You will be able to select either from our store hosted by ImageKind (you can find their widget here on our blog) or any image that has been on our blog in the last year. The way to win is pretty simple. Read our blog for the next 10 days, make comments and register to follow our blog (you will see that widget at the bottom of our blog). We will select the top comment and that person will be able to pick any print from our store.  The winning comment will be the one that is most interesting or humorous. Pretty simple!!  If the winner is one of our Bride or Grooms, they can choose from their wedding images, if they would like. The images on this post are a few examples:


denise brandano said...

Great pictures even though I'm scared of birds.

Patricia Lynne said...

Beautiful pictures. If we win and pick one w/ an animal do we get the animal too? ;)

kriti said...

The stillness of the blue could easily confuse the human eye to think it was the picture of the sky - if it weren't for ripples created by the small white innocent bird. The bird probably didn't even know it was taking the mystery away and adding to it at the same time.

JIM said...

lolol Patricia.. No sorry that will be another contest lol

Thank You

JIM said...

Hi Kriti
I love the thoughts and question you pose. Thank You

sahl Ahmed said...

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