Friday, February 4, 2011


When we announced to our family and friends that we were moving out of New England, no one was surprised but they probably were surprised to hear we were moving to Florida. For 20 years, we had spoken of moving out of New England to Arizona.  I had lived in Arizona for over 10 years and truly loved it. As a photographer, it is a great subject full of color, angles, history and fauna that begs you to photograph it and then start all over again. Phyllis and I have enjoyed photographing and visiting Arizona, especially Sedona, on many trips during the last 24 years. We actually took a trip in July of 2009 and visited Sedona looking at houses and areas to live in.
But as they say, we allowed ourselves the option of changing our minds.  I have found that in life, everything stays the same even change. Everything can change so quickly and for so many different reasons. For us it was a trip to visit our brother Paul in March of last year. During that trip, Phyllis and I started discussing the remote possibility of moving to Florida. A combination of a beautiful state, proximity to relatives ( Florida is much closer to New England then Arizona), economics, the opportunity to live close to my brother, Paul (with the hope of convincing other brothers to move here lol) and finally the opportunity to photograph an entire state that we had not ever photographed before, seemed to make it the move right. Within a year, we bought a great house in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, sold our house in New Hampshire and moved. We are loving it here, especially with the winter that New England is experiencing. The Stones were right: " You don't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need". Change can be good and sometimes it can be great. Embrace it and make it work for you.


Healing Morning said...

Jim, I am so enjoying a visual stroll through your archives. The images are so clear and crisp, and many of them just literally stop my breath. I say that as the highest compliment!

Btw, should you ever find a need for more photographic inspiration, East Tennessee is beautiful! ;-) I'm biased, as this is home to me, but it really is gorgeous here and full of unending photo opps!

I will return for more of the beauty you create here.

~ Dawn

sulekkha said...

lovely photographs and a wonderful post, Jim. I liked your words " You don't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need". I believe in it too..great writing and pics.

JIM said...

Thank You Both. Your kind words touch me.
We have been to Smokey national park a few years ago and want to return.

Thank You JIm