Monday, February 14, 2011


Today millions of people celebrate Valentine's Day. In our house we also celebrate our anniversary and today is our 24th wedding anniversary. I met Phyllis around two weeks after she was born, it's true. I was only 5 at the time but I was there at her Christening. Our parents were great friends. Her dad was my father's best man and as families, we spent many days together. I like to tell people that on that day I looked at her in her crib, I said, "I'm going to be in there with you one day". It took over 30 years but I kept my word.

I was living in Arizona and Phyllis wrote me a letter saying that she had spoken to my parents and had learned that my marriage had ended and wanted to let me know she was sorry to hear it. (To this day I don't believe she was that sorry lol) We spoke on the phone that night and for every day after for a month. I then decided to come home to Massachusetts to visit. I was home two days and proposed at around 6PM and she quickly accepted, 8 hours later. I knew I had her after the first 5 hours, she was getting tired lol.  That was in August and we set the upcoming February 14th as the date. When we told people we were getting married, everyone said the right things but I'm pretty sure some people thought, "Sure this will last! They had not seen each other for over 12 years and had started speaking on the phone for a short while then became engaged and are getting married in 6 months. Yup this is a sure thing!!!!"

Well, the good news is, it was the surest thing out there. We have spent the last 24 years exploring much of this country and each other and learning to love the country and each other more and more.
I have been a very lucky man my entire life (although a lottery win has escaped me) but the luckiest day was 24 years ago today. When I finally said, "So why not, what do we have to loose?" and Phyllis answered, "You're right, lets get married" (or words to that effect), the best years of my life started.

Here are a few images of Phyllis doing what we both love to do, enjoying our love of nature, photography and each other.


sulekkha said...

Wish you both a wonderful Valentine's day and a very happy wedding anniversary. Lucky guys, the whole world celebrates your union. What an amazing tale!!!Lovely post.

Sherry said...

Awww...very sweet! I love impromptu weddings! That's how my husband and I got married...and they said it would last either. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary last month. Happy anniversary to both. ~ Sherry

JIM said...

Thank You Sulekkla
It has been a great ride!!!
HAve a great Valentine Day

JIM said...

lolol We all showed them right ???
You two enjoy Valentine's Day. Make it your own

JIM said...
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Anonymous said...

Kriti Mukherjee 10:34am Feb 14
Hey Jim - God bless and a very very happy anniversary and valentine's day to you - a day filled with love either way

Pixielashes said...

AWW Jim thats such a lovely story!!! i bet she wasnt sorry about your marriage ending either thats such a crafty woman move good job phyllis!!!!! xxx ahh check out my lil photoshop thing to my bf on my fbook page xxx

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary Phyllis and Jim!! Loved the post :))

Happy Valentine's Day too

Kriti said...

Most people can only wish that their story was yours - loved the pics too...

Jim said...

Jim, from that other Jim- I understand the crib comment of joining her...some things are meant to be, but life takes us on the wrong turn sometimes.
40 years ago I looked at a dark haired girl I just met, and "I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you." sprang to mind.
She's pouring me a wine right now.
Best wishes for many anniversaries to come.

JIM said...

Thank You everyone WE appreciated all your comments. We had a great anniversary & Valentine's Day