Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I really don't shoot lots of street photography! If you ask me why, I'd be hard pressed to come up with an honest answer! I do enjoy it. I like viewing it. I've enjoyed seeing someone like Aaron Offord take his photography in this direction  

I guess I could say I've been busy but that doesn't really make sense. After all one of my most read blog posts is A.B.S or Always Be Shooting  where I speak to having my camera with me at all times. 

I could say that with our move to Florida and the temperature being in the 90s on a regular basis, I really don't find myself walking the streets that much!!! I do photograph candids of people but usually in a natural setting where the people are really secondary as in this blog post

Well, than I guess I have the answer, I really don't know! So many images to make and so little time, I guess is my best excuse. Well, in the last couple of weeks I decided to try my hand at it. The following images are my take on street photography.  A few are of people who stepped into a hotel to get out of the 93 degree heat but I think the philosophy is still the same. 

All of them are black and white but not all are totally black and white. In my post production, I used different ways to make the image black and white. One of the great things about digital is that there are many ways to accomplish the same task. It gives the photographer a certain level of creativity. In these images, I used Lightroom, Photoshop, and a Nik Fliter to convert the images to black and white. 

With each of those tools, I found different techniques to make the image black and white. For example in Lightroom in the develop panel, I first changed the treatment from color to black and white. This gave me a pretty good start but then I adjusted the black sliders, exposure and clarity sliders. In others, I used some lightroom presets but then adjusted various sliders to get to the blacks, whites and grey I was looking for!

I realize that that last paragraph for many of you is gibberish!! So I will not go over each step I took in each image unless I receive enough comments asking me to show the techniques I used step by step. Then I will write another blog on that!

My first image was taken as we were sitting in a outdoor cafe enjoying a light meal and cold drink!!! This couple looked in deep thought. I captured a moment where you might think they were not happy but from what I saw that was not the truth. I just caught a moment. Sometimes a look can mean many things, as anyone who has been in a long term relationship can attest. That is why each guy out there has uttered, "So what you thinking about sweetie?" or something to that effect: all the time hoping he didn't do something wrong!!! The words "Oh nothing, honey," can make a grown man cringe!!!

At another table I saw this father and daughter sharing a moment and a cold drink together. The young girl's drink seemed to be a fruit punch and was really red. I thought it would be cool to show how red it looked. I also noticed how green the lime looked among the ice in the dad's glass. Without going into the technique, I will say this was fairly easy to do in Lightroom.

As we were leaving, Phyllis had to use the washroom and I was standing near an elevator.

There were other guys waiting for their wives or friends. I caught this guy counting his money. It might have been an expensive lunch!!!

        This shows friends meeting before their lunch date.

A kiss and hug!!

We then headed outside. In our area of Florida, there always seems to be something going on and it sometimes includes street performers. We have actually seen this guy once before.

                               Some people on the street.

                 Lots of beautiful women in Florida!!

                                And lots of lovers!

There are people of all ages. You can see the cycle of life taking place everyday!

                     Some people working on the streets.

      Some people just strolling. I really do love living here!!!

              All the beautiful ladies and beautiful people!!

                    Still rubbing old Martha after all these years.

Look at the guy in this picture. I can just hear his conversation talking into the phone, "Ahh, what?  Excuse me please. Repeat that, I was umm distracted."

       Some very colorful characters and proof that time travel is   

And finally, "Officer, I was just buying this pig a drink. Honestly, that's all we were doing!!!!"

 Well, there is my take on street photography in black and white   
 with a twist!!


Tameka said...

Jim shame on you! You've been holding out on us for all of this time! You need to do street photography more often! What amazing photos! You know just when to shoot and then you are a master at the technology that can bring to picture to life even more. Sigh... Loving this and your talent! Bravo!

BlogNostics said...

Great pics but i want to see someone doing BackStreet Photography


Aaron said...

Thanks for the shout out. I loved your take on street photography, you really should give a go more often, you had lovely images. What lens were you using for these shots?

JIM said...

Thank You Tameka & Aaron Like I said I do enjoy it and really don't know why I have not shot more street images.
Blognostics..I'm not sure what you mean by backstreet
unless your a fan of boy bands lol

Aaron I was shooting with my 17 - 55 lens, it really is my go to lens in so many situations.

Again Thank You all

cath said...

love the shots Jim, and the splashes of color really appeal to my artist's eye!

great post!
~cath xo
@jonesbabie on Twitter

Bec Owen said...

I do hope you dive into street photography more often, Jim...these photos are wonderful! I love B&W photos, but I also love the splash of color!

I look forward to visiting your blog each week, and I'm always delighted. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

OtienoHongo said...

First time on your blog and I must say I love what I saw. wonderful photographs! Not a photographer myself but I enjoy looking at good photography.

JIM said...

Thank You all

Cath.. I really appreciate tat you enjoyed the splash of color.I think it can be over used but I like using it a little.

Hi Bec, You are always so kind with your comments, I really appreciate them.

Otieni.. Thank You for visiting and please come back often !!

Larry Lewis said...

What an awesome collection of pictures. The use of spots of colour in some was just unbelievable. Jim get back to street walking, you are brilliant.

Debra said...

Get out of the heat and grab a cold drink and chill! The black and white photos are cool, especially the contrast of color, as in the red punch. I’ve seen this technique in certain movies, like Schindler's List, to make a point. The clownish guy in the hat is interesting. Enjoyed my visit to your photo gallery today. You’re in your element with the street photography too Jim. Hats off!

Debbie said...

I remember the last time you posted your pictures from the street it was so much fun, the way you added your own little caption. Really enjoyed this Jim... I agree do more please :)

btw, don't forget you have lady readers too :P (just kidding)


Nelieta said...

I love street photography Jim! Some of my best photos I have taken when I was quietly sitting in a park and watching people. These photos are great and they all tell a story. All the viewer needs to do is to use his imagination. Loved this post!

The IT Reporter said...

Very well done, love to see more like these! My compliments.

Alfandi said...

cool..I don't dabble much with street photography..but using B&W techniques does really make the photos pop out..nice..

ben said...

Jim is think hereafter u can take pics of people in streets .lol That was great .I m simply stunned coz i m agree girls in Florida are awesome ,they look beautiful hehehe .Jim u r doing some amazing works with your camera !!! hats off

Rimly said...

These are amazing pictures Jim. You are such a talented one! I just loved the black and whites.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I was just thinking of doing one here in Sydney. I love street photography, it may seem mundane for some but documenting the daily grind of life is interesting for me especially in a new city.

Leah Griffith said...

Great photos Jim! I love the random splash of color here and there. What part of Florida are you from. I'm in Port Charlotte, a small retirement town on the Gulf coast.

melissa said...

hmmm...I think you've mentioned there were lots of beautiful 'ladies' ahhmmm, beautiful people in Florida :P... Street photography works best for you. I liked how you weave stories with the images you shoot. You are very creative and imaginative and you are always on the look out for something wonderful to share. You have an awesome personality and beauty is shown everywhere... because that's the way you see people and things.

I like the child in red...the woman in the elevator...oh, kiss and hug :P...everything actually :P...

More Jim...YEY!

Anonymous said...

I love black and white photos, I especially love them with a smidgen of color. You are truly talented behind that camera Jim. Do you ever worry about catching a couple in an image who is perhaps cheating? Or do you ask everyone's permission before shooting them?

john smith said...

also noticed how green the lime looked among the ice in the dad's glass. Without going into the technique.