Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Many times when Phyllis and I go to a restaurant it will be located on the beach. We are new to Florida and really love the beach. After we eat we will usually go for a walk on the beach. The sun is low in the sky, the ocean keeps rushing up to kiss the sand and you will see others just walking along the sand and in the ocean. Now there is not a boardwalk on this beach but there is the ocean, the sand and the sky! That all brought this song to mind. I hope you enjoy the images and the song as you walk with us on a beach in Florida!

    The view from the restaurant....

    Some were swimming.....

  You can "read" so much in a person's body language but it might 
  be fiction or non fiction!!

But try it with some of these pictures.  Let me know if you have a caption for some of these.

I played a little with this one!! I'm not sure if anyone will like it but it's different lol..


     Some were having a picnic!!!!

    I really don't have a comment for this one, but I think the body  
    language is strong. Anyone have a caption for it??

                      Bottoms up!!!

As we walked to our car we saw that there was a dance party going on in the street!. There were many people enjoying the summer night and the dancers.

       This sax was waiting to be played!!

It was another great night walking on the beach here in sunny Florida!!! If you have not been here, you should visit. There is so much to do in this state, including long walks on the beach!!!


eigroj said...

Cool photos jim. Thanks for visiting my blog... Enjoy Europe, i Will post some more pics from other European cities.

melissa said...

This a truly wonderful post...a walk in the beach is truly relaxing...under the sun, it's really fun!

I listened to the music while looking at your images...this time, I just enjoyed them allowing each photo to create stories in my mind... (sorry, my mind's a bit tired to think of captions)...

Anyways, my mind just relaxed in your blog page.

You are truly creative Jim!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

loved the pictures...and for captions...for one...'Walk to remember". Loved the song also.

Tameka said...

Loved the music and pics! I listened while I was looking! The only caption I could come up with is for the "mom" and "son" - "Didn't I tell you to always bring sunblock? Uggh! You never listen!" LOL! Fun post Jim. Thanks!

Bec Owen said...

Perfect song to go with these photos -- I listened as I strolled through! Walking along the beach is one of my favorite things to do...I could almost hear the waves as I was looking at your pics!

Love your blog, Jim!

Healing Morning said...

People watching is one of my favorite things to do! The interpretations are endless. Having a camera in hand to record some of those images is another favorite past time. Fun post! :)

- Dawn

Larry Lewis said...

Oh bring me the sea, sand and sun. But you can kiss my ass if you think you're going to play with my castle peaks. now how do i comment annonymously

David said...

Looks like a lovely day to be out walking on the beach and enjoying nature. Gotta love line dancing in the street...That's what I love about the South :) Thanks for sharing!!

Jan said...

beautiful simply beautiful. I especially like 7 and 9. The ninth one reminds me of myself contemplating some huge issue in my head and looking for an answer in the waves.

alejandro said...

bugger! I knew I should've taken off my shoes!!

Great pics as always Jim


Rimly said...

What a post! I can think of some of the choicest quotes for those pics. LOL! Loved it Jim. I love your ensemble of pictures and the way you weave your story through them

FAYE said...

We could use your pictures to create a comic strip. :p

Seems like you enjoyed taking pictures! :) Did you buy a souvenir for me? hahaha. Just kidding! :)

Enjoy! :)

Leah Griffith said...

Hey Jim, Another round of great photos! I have a caption for the photo of the lady in pink grabbing the guy and then the next one where they are walking off together.
Photo one: "Wait! Make sure they put mustard on it!"

Next photo: "Never mind. I'm coming with."

Yes Jim, I have too much time on my hands at the moment;)

My Best,

JIM said...

Thank you all. It was a fun bog to write and photograph
Leah. We loved your captions. Laugh our @@@ off lol