Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today I have the great pleasure of collaborating with a truly gifted poetess, Tameka Mullins. If you have not visited her webpage Lyric Fire (where Tameka's pen always burns the page)  please do yourself a favor and jump over to it after you read her very sensual poem right here.  This is what Tameka has to say about Tameka!!!!

Tameka is a native Detroiter who loves writing, networking and cultivating great relationships. Her professional background includes work as a public relations professional, radio segment producer, project manager and consultant for publishing and non-profit organizations. She wrote her first poem when she was 5-years-old and it consisted of just two words: "I dream." She believes that with persistence and passion dreams can be transformed into goals which become reality. Her novel Letters to Chyna, which delves into the emotionally charged issues 
of adoption is currently being reviewed and considered for publication.

Tameka's  poems are always meaningful and filled with her passion for writing and life!!  I have been a big fan for awhile now and it  was challenging but fun finding photos that are worthy of her wonderfully charged words! I hope you enjoy my images. I know you will enjoy Tameka's words!

I am looking for other great artists to collaborate with me. Please contact me if you are interested.

River Of Love

By: Chyna Rose (Tameka Mullins)

You came to me in a dream, awakening me
from the storms of my life
I want to reach out to you 
let your sweet love surround me
but I can't stop holding on to my pride

I never knew love could be like a river
Flowing sweetly down the banks of time
I wish my love could flow as freely as wine
(Flow sweet like wine, ooooh....)

I wish you could read my heart thoughts
I want you to teach me the ways of love
Take me baby in your arms and calm my storm
Tell me the secrets that flow in your river of love

Just like a miracle, the hurt
And the heartaches I've been through
Slowly dissipates into oblivion,
when ever I think of you

I never knew love could be like a river
Washing me clean and leaving my soul satisfied 
As sure as there is a God above
I need to know the secrets that
flow in your river of love

( Chorus 2)

River of love- you flow so sweet
You make my heart skip two beats yeah
River of love you're tantalizing me 
Making me fall, I don't know how to be 

Your aura, your presence is magnificent
You make me feel like I've never felt
You make me melt
I could go all night with you

I never knew love could be like a river
Taking me places I've never been
Bringing into view things I've never seen
I feel as helpless as a dove
I'd like to drown in your river of love.


Chintan said...

Very good photographs JP! The last one is a moment well captured.

Jan said...

Oh what a wonderful collaboration,Tameka's beautiful words of love and your beautiful photographs. Very well done.

Tameka said...

Jim, what an honor it is to have been able to collaborate with you!Your photos always tell a story and the ones you selected to go with this poem/song are perfect. I love the red tinged views of the water as they reflect the passion I was speaking of and the first photo shows a couple not quite as close as they can be and the last one illustrates the union that is hoped for in this piece. Thanks again Jim! Feeling good after seeing this today! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I knew this collaboration was inevitable, so I was looking forward to it. And the two of you did not disappoint. Really hot poem/song Tameka. It's warm and sexy. I love the red photo, Jim. It really fits the line, "I wish my love could flow as freely as wine." Great collabo!

Nelieta said...

This is so beautiful! What a wonderful collaboration Tameka and Jim! Loved it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woot woot. There it is, the collabo of all collabos. I will be singing this all day now and looking for a boat to carry me down a river of love.

Dangerous Linda said...

My favorite lines from Tameka's poem were right in front: "You came to me in a dream, awakening me from the storms of my life..." That reminds me of my early relationship with my boyfriend.

Beautiful photos, Jim. I love, love, love your process of collaborating with poets!

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Jim, for following my blog :) Gorgeous pictures! Love your site. I'm following you back!

Rebecca from

melissa said...

I love love love your poem Tameka...I knew I was looking at a song when I saw the word Chorus and it got me pretty excited. When I hum instead of read---I know that this piece would stay with me forever like Sulekha's. And when 'river' is used with love, it's truly magical!

Oh Jim, I love your choice of images esp. the last one...shhh!

I'd be coming back here again and again to eat your images and Tameka's adds to that feeling of 'falling in love' even if I'd like to defy gravity this time :P...

What a lovely surprise this to you both :D

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Outstanding and amazing! Jim your photography always pleases the eye and Tameka's words are sensual always please the senses. Together you are dynamite!

sulekkha said...

Amazing collaboration, you two. Tameka your words take us gently down the stream of love and show us a glimpse of your passion and commitment.
Jim, your photographs complement the words so beautifully that I can't look away from either of the two.Great post by two extremely talented and versatile writers.(Jim you are a writer and photographer...writographer :))

Mani said...

Tam its s indeed soo beautiful..its divine n Jim i loved ur work once again!

Greatanno guys....KUDOS to u two!!

In my way- JHAKKKASSSS!! ...;)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Fabulous collaboration...its simply out of this world...

Leah Griffith said...

Jim and Tameka, what a lovely dance the two of you do together. This was beautiful, flowing with love, and a certain rythym which carried it straight to the heart. LOVED IT!!

Portia said...

Oh,it has an almost otherworldly touch and this is nothing but the power of your love! Do you two know,your 'river of love' has already become an ocean!
God bless you both and your love!

Jessica M said...

Jim, the images you captured collaborated with the beautiful prose, made one great post! Thanks :)

Tameka said...

Reading these responses is a truly spiritual experience. Thanks to everyone for feeling my words which were so beautifully highlighted by Jim's gorgeous photographs. He can make anyone's poetry sound better with his special touch. Hugs to you all! - I will be able to read and catch up on everyone's work soon. Just got back from a trip. :-)

JIM said...

A real pleasure to work with Tameka's words. Thank You all for your great comments, Tameka is a special lady with a special talent!!! Tameka we will need to do it again!!!

Mary said...

That was beautiful Jim. The photos went perfectly with the chorus. Such intensity!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

I love these collaborations - two gifted people coming together to make a beautiful post! Thanks Tameka and Jim.

vaisakhi said...

loved the song.....n loved the pic...sply the ones wat had all orange and were so serene...:)

AJ said...

Wonderful poetry enhanced my visual poetry. A winner!

BlogNostics said...

Tamstar and Jim

what a great duo the two of you make : )

Much Love


Larry Lewis said...

What a wonderful combination. A partnership made in heaven, I do love your photographs, they just hold your attention, and as always the colours are just amazing.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Simply enchanting! The lyrical poetry combined with your sensual photos were magical!
Thanks for a wonderful post, Jim!

Bongo said...

words and pictures meld together for one story..Beautiful....As always..XOXOXOXO

sancheeta biswas said...

i always love Tamek's as a poet. this time my emotions are melting with her river of love.

Jim, u are always excellent in mending down the theory with pictures. they speak of togetherness, fire and divinity as real lover's feel.

Andy said...

What can I say that's not already been said, except FANTASTIC!
What a beautiful collaboration.

Jim, your pictures are awesome!

Tameka, I'm already a firm supporter of yours.

Whoever said poetry was dead needs to look at this magnificent post.

Well done to the both of you!

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