Friday, March 9, 2012


We saw this waiter on South Beach!! I love the fact that he is wearing a cap, yup you don't want to get a nasty cold !!


Tameka said...

I love the facial expressions of all of the people in pic 1. LOL! In pic two the guys seem glued to their cell phones so they don't have to look at the sexy waiter! Ha! Priceless. Nice shots Jim. Did you cover your wife's eyes? ;-)

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Just Lord have mercy!
That's all I can say. Lol!
Blessings, Jim!

sHoNa said...

Nice shots .Lol

Alfandi said...

at least he didn't forget his shoes...

melissa said...

Jim, you forgot to write which place these shots were taken. I'd like to visit it sometime LOL.

I haven't seen such here (or not that I know of). The shots were so clear, one could see through the eyes of the people there. Were they somewhat awkward receiving this water's services? :P

You really never fail to shock, I mean surprise your readers :P

melissa said...

*waiter...sorry I was a bit distracted :P

Rimly said...

Nice butt!!!! Love the expression of the crowd. LOL!

Alejandro said...

thats my part time job


janaki nagaraj said... his confidence.

JIM said...

Thank You all lol I didn't have to say much !!!

Melissa you really crack me up lololololol
Tameka--- No I didn't cover her eyes ..maybe I should have hmmm
Martha.. Mercy is better then I came up with !!
Shona I like the double meaning of your words lol
Al No he didn't maybe he should have used them to cover something other then his feet lol