Friday, March 30, 2012


Okay almost everyone!! 
I thought I would post some images of a parade we photographed in South Beach Miami, a few months ago.
This was a classic car parade and there were some great automobiles in the parade. Hope you enjoy these pictures better then the young man did the parade.

 There were all kind of people waiting for the parade. Seems like everyone likes classic cars!

 First came the band and the color guard.

 Here come the cars!!

  Yes those are machine guns on the hood!!!

 Some Miami style entertainment was in the parade!!

 Back To The Future !!

 It was a fun parade to photograph, even though I do remember all those cars in my lifetime!!!
I want to thank all of you who sent your kind words and wishes of good health. Over the past three months I have spoke enough of these procedures and I did not want another post on them, I thought readers might think it was a rerun!! So I will just say Thank You !!!


melissa said...

Oh Jim I haven't seen a parade for a long time and this post delighted my eyes :) You're always a hit when it comes to humor and the first pic with your opening line is just hilarious :D

I liked the cars and the spices in between (I noticed you took so many pics of the Miami entertainment :P)

The car from back-to-the future is awesome! Is the Volkswagen really included? :P

Oooo not to forget that lady who likes her doggie (or is it the other way around?) Now, that's a real classic :P

I wish we have more pink police cars around here :D

It's great to have you back Jim :D You never run out of surprises!

Jan said...

Absolutely delightful post, I love cars as much as anyone, I could hear the heavy engines as I strolled through these photos. What a wonderful parade to witness. I have to say my favorite of course was frowning boy...

And Your are Welcome...

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Loved these, Jim, and shared with my husband who likes old cars and is an avid amateur photographer. You get two thumbs up!
Just so glad you are feeling better and getting back to the activities you love. Your photos always bring me such joy!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Such color and what a beautiful cars - so well maintained too! You're back with the bang and hope you keeping getting better, Jim.

Leisa said...

Car parades like that are a fine burst of color, right? It's really amazing how events like that are full of energy. People love seeing old classics cruise the road again, for their iconic designs that helped define an industry.

--Leisa Dreps