Saturday, March 10, 2012


About 95% of our brides and grooms order a wedding album to be designed for them. We design each album ourselves using images from their wedding. Some photographers take complete control over what images are used, others give the bride and groom complete control over which images are used. We fall somewhere in the middle. We ask them to pick out 20 images for a 25 page album. We tell them we will add some images or possibly subtract some images. 

The reason we do this is to keep the album story flowing. We try and tell the story of the whole day and keep a certain flow to it.  In almost all cases we use each image they want and just add a few. The couple always have the final word on the design before we send it to our printers. If they find an image that we picked that is not one they would want in their album, we ask them to pick another one but to keep it in the same part of the day; preparation, ceremony or reception. After all, it is their album and their memories.


janaki nagaraj said...

Lovely as the couple.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Gorgeous album! Great artistry at work here. :)

Alfandi said...

Beautiful..I love the editing..especially the Boys..

melissa said...

I've seen wedding albums but nothing as great as this maybe because I feel that you love what you do and put your whole heart into it.

All the images are so beautiful and I said the people look relaxed and spontaneous. The connection between the photographer and the one being photographed makes a great picture.

The album is creatively done. I like that you went out of patterns :) That makes it unique.

I like the poses. You know how much I like looking at images and if they are dynamic and vibrant, then it's perfect :)

You have a great family :)

Rimly said...

This is so beautiful.

Andy said...

A handsome couple & a beautiful keepsake album.
Awesome work Sir Jim!
Thanks for sharing.