Friday, April 13, 2012


In the second in our series of wedding photographers styles we will be discussing the 'traditional approach'. This style is also known as 'formal photography' or 'portraiture' and refers to posed pictures of the wedding party and the couple's families.  These are the shots of the bridesmaids with their bouquets, the groom with his parents and the happy bride and groom looking into each others eyes or staring off as if into their future!

The plus side of this style is that you end up with some great professional images of your family and loved ones. You probably don't want to rely too heavily on formal portraiture however, or you will miss out on the energy, passion and raw emotion surrounding your wedding. Most couples want to make sure to include some photojournalistic photography in their wedding albums alongside the formal photos.

As I have stated before we tend to mix all of these three styles.  We also try and create a hybrid of them, taking the formal and adding a little twist to them. We will always make sure to take the traditional pose but then maybe play with it. This is all depends on the photographer 'reading' the couple. We try and know what our couple's personalities are like and work from that perspective out!

Here are some examples of traditional photography plus some of our hybrid style:


 The next few are the hybrid images: a mixture of formals adding    
 a little whimsy.





melissa said...

This is very interesting. As I shared in your earlier post, in my country (I think), I've got accustomed to seeing formal pics where everybody has to be smiling and at their best pose possible.

I like images 15 and 16 most of all. That's how I wish to be captured in camera someday :)

Among the hybrids, I truly enjoyed the jump shot. It's the first time I saw people in their wedding suits doing such. Lovely!

I noticed that they all seem pretty relaxed. Are they unrehearsed? They truly look wonderful.

I like the mixture. It would be fun looking at them in the albums .

Elegant, chic and fun!

Ann said...

Love the whimsical ones, Jim!

Tameka said...

Jim! It's nice to see you back. I really love all of the images, but it's refreshing to see the whimsical pics. I'm so used to seeing wedding pictures look so staged. It's nice to see people actually having some fun at and after a weddings. Hugs dear!

Rimly said...

Jim I loved the last lot. Funny and zany.

janaki nagaraj said...

I loved the fun ones...:-)