Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We are always being asked the question, "What style wedding photographers are you?" Our answer has never changed, we are what the moment calls for. It is trendy for photographers to say that they are journalistic style wedding photographers. If hard pressed, I would say that we tend to be closer to that style than others but not exclusively. 

On the wedding day we start photographing hours before the ceremony and finish after the last dance that usually means somewhere between eight to twelve hours of photographing the big day! If we were to stick to just one style, we would not make all the images that most couples and let's face it, what most parents want!

The three main styles are photojournalistic, traditional and creative.
The main difference between journalistic and traditional is that in the 
latter, the photographer captures moments not poses. Now that sounds really nice but almost all brides, grooms, parents and grandparents want posed images to be included. The formals are not the most fun part of the wedding day for photographers, usually you're trying to take twenty or more images with different combinations of twenty or more people. Plus you have about thirty minutes to take them!! Not a whole lot of creativity going on!
The creative style includes many things; soft focus, unusual camera angles, selective coloring and special filters.While these stylized effects can make for a hip and modern photo collection, you can run the risk of your photos appearing out of date years from now. 

In my opinion all of these styles can also tend to be boring after looking at hundreds of images. We combine all the styles and in the next few posts, we will try and show examples of them all starting with the photojournalistic style. This style can also be called 'the candid style' and we do photograph many candid moments throughout the wedding day! These are images from a few of our weddings that are candid. The person or persons did not realize we were photographing them.  None of these are posed.


Andy David said...

I love the many varied expressions and emotions you have captured with these shots. Just awesome! Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

Tameka said...

Jim, thanks for breaking down the different styles of wedding photography. Personally, I love the unplanned shots. They usually capture the most emotion and you and your wife are fabulous at this! Cheers!

melissa said...

I think this style makes JP Brandano very unique. Most wedding photos I've seen were rehearsed (esp. in my country, I guess).Candid shots give a rather light ambience and a touch of familiarity to the audience. It makes the images closer to reality~showing how people truly feel and react. They're more authentic :)

Plus, it always has a touch of humor in them.

I love the close-up images :)

janaki nagaraj said...

The pictures are full of emotions and have captured them well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post i was searching for photojournalist wedding photographers but found your post. Being a photographer i should have to update myself to keep the pace.
Best Regards