Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This week's picture is one I took in Miami on Ocean Drive at about 10 PM.  As we were walking along I saw this table set up outside a restaurant. It was displaying some of the cocktails that they served. I guess they thought at night, when people are partying up and down the street, this would entice some into their place!! Well it worked for me, kind of. I didn't even think about having one (well maybe I thought about it) but I did like the different colors of the liqueurs and shapes of the glasses. 

It was not a very well lit spot and I knew I would need to use flash. I took one picture and didn't like it, too much was showing in the background. I then thought I would try it without flash. The light was coming from a food stand about five feet away and provided enough light for me to make this picture. With a little bit of work in Photoshop I thought the results were pretty good!!! 

By the way those are real cocktails not the results of someone cleaning off a table. They take two open bottles of Corona beer and turn them upside down in a large glass of margaritas!! Sounds like fun !!! No I didn't try one!!


Jan said...

Wow, that drink looks like a belly ache to me.
I love the colors and the shot, it is a beautiful photo and your photoshop worked.

melissa said...

It looks enticing Jim and the colors of the cocktails became more evident against the black background ~ sharp contrast.

Good for you...but I'd love to try one :P

Miss Lego said...

Great photo! that light is awesome...nice combination.

Jessica M said...

Looks like somebody is having a good time!

Mani said...

Though I don drink bt eh liked dis photography!

As I say ur photography got CLASS!


baldychaz said...

Great photo but will give the drink a miss would take me a week to recover!

PORTIA said...

great photo! Signature of a master!

Aaron said...

Just got the blog finally set up in my iPad reading list. Looking forward to reading much more.

You should have one of those cocktails and then see what type of creative pics you get:)

Andy said...

Hello Jim.
Awesome shot! The drink combination sounds pretty yuck...definitely not for me though...I rarely drink.
Thanks for sharing.

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