Friday, February 10, 2012


Miami is a very sensual city with the heat, the cool breezes, the ocean, blue skies, great food, cold drinks and a vibrant nightlife! The art deco style buildings add to the romance of this place especially at night. You see many beautiful women and handsome men walking by these colorful buildings. It should not be a surprise that many are couples, happily walking up and down the street, enjoying this wonderful place! 
I thought I would highlight some of these couples walking two by two on Ocean Drive, Miami!!

The Vibrant colors of the Art Deco Style adds to the sensuality of Ocean Drive especially at night!!

  I think this relationship is going to the dogs!!

 It is a shame when you see a couple just let themselves go like this

  Tell me this isn't a lobby with a lot of sensuality!!

Young Love in all its Glory!!

   WE all love a corny love story! Don't we!!

 I guess technically this is a 2 by 2 soon to be a three by two!!

Food and Drink add to the sensuality

 I'm not sure this relationship has a chance!!!

Every relationship has it's highs and lows

Sometimes it's not meant to be and one of the couple moves on!

 Love is wonderful!! Isn't it!!! I really love their expressions!!


Unknown said...

you seem to have spread more cheer to those couples!

Unknown said...

Great shots! So many beautiful couples. :) LOVE the jellyfish-like light sconces in the one building. :)

Rimly said...

Sensual indeed Jim. You really are spreading a lot of love and cheer.

The Poet said...

Hello Jim.
Ocean Drive looks like a fascinating place...Each photo has a story to tell.
Awesome shots!
Thanks for sharing.

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JANU said...

I love the myriad moods and expressions.

Manisha Bhatia said...

Jim I ws really happy to see an indain couple as well...KOOOL!!

Wish I visit miami some day ehh!


Liz said...

Hmmm... I loved the title ~ the sight and the emotions those images evoke. What a sensual treat for Valentine's day ;) I liked the sense of humor you spiced in between with your captions. It makes Valentine's day a joyous and truly enjoyable day ... yeah with it's highs and lows :P

Unknown said...

Beautiful post of love and sharing, such great captures of the emotions...

Martha Jane Orlando said...

These are marvelous, Jim! Ain't love grand? :)
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and great captions.

ben said...

wow so colorful ..

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Sensual and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love to watch people walking together and I always see the beauty of their relationships. Amazing photo's of LOVE!