Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As anyone who really knows me can attest to , I love Arizona. I lived there for about a dozen years and fell in love with the state. Phyllis and I have returned to there more then any other place in our travels. For many reasons we did not move there when we were ready for the big move. I am very happy with the move to Florida and really am getting to appreciate the state in many ways including photographically. I still think about Arizona much as you do a old friend that you haven't seen much of lately but know that if you did it would be as though you had seen them everyday. Arizona and specifically Sedona will always have a pull on my heart.

I walked down to the park last night
Warm breeze stirring up a soft moonlight
And my mind started drifting to way back when
Yes I do think about Arizona every now and then 

 It does not mean I would rather live there. I love it here but ...

I love my life and Id never trade
Between Arizona and the life I've made
Were here and its real, but Arizona was too
And every once in awhile I think about it

So this is just a few images of Sedona & the Grand Canyon for you to hopefully enjoy. While I remember  a place that will always tug at my photographic heart

I've been layin' here all night listenin' to the rain
Talkin to my heart tryin to explain
Why sometimes I catch myself
Wondering what might have been
Yes I do think about Arizona every now and then

Every now and then
Every now and then 

( with all credit to Garth Brooks)


rimly said...

Wow Jim! Your photographs are awesome! They do tug at your heart. I have never been to Arizona but looking at your photography I can imagine how beautiful it must be. Sometimes a place will always be close to your heart no matter where you are. Thank you for sharing

Royal Nirupam said...


JIM said...

Thank YOu so Much Rimly and Royal. Your comments help make my day.

Pixielashes said...

I love these!!! In fact anything blue rocks my socks so thats an extra bonus from these photos!!! Just Beautiful and you still make me Jealous with all that delish sunshine!!!!!!! :) Nice work Jimbob! xxx

Kriti said...

Awesome as always - Places often mean so much more than just geography. Arizona does to you what Darjeeling does to me... the pictures are so vivid and amazing! Love them.

Dallying Debz said...

Didn't have time to read but you're photos always make me think you can walk straight into them.

Mari S. Wilbur said...

Your photographs of Arizona are breathtaking. You've certainly captured the rich colors. I've always loved the red rock against the bright blue of the sky.

JIM said...

Wow I'm going to have to post more images of Arizona..:) Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts. It is a great place to photograph. Climbing a mesa at day break and reaching the top is exciting and to photograph it even more so.

FAYErydust said...

Wow. I really wish I could go there. Seems like a nice place. :)


Deanne said...

I started my traveling after my Dad died.."How it began" post on my blog explains. You have to read the post to understand but this is the cover of the book. I was so happy to take my daughter and my husband and check it off the list...21 countries in 6 years and abut 30 or so places in that book with my daughter! Here is a link to the post if you care to read http://somedaysornow.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-it-began.html

Patricia Lynne said...

Wow great pictures. I have an aunt that lives in AZ and visited once when I was little. I remember seeing rock formations like the ones in your images.