Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My recommended blog this week is a pretty easy one to recommend. Especially now that it is actually online once again, is a wealth of information. His discription of his blog states that it is a blog for general chatter with a little bit of business banter thrown in. But it is much more then that. It is a fountain of knowledge for all who do any business online. Has Facebook blocked your website, as it did to Derek's), you need info on linking your site to another site, the benefits of social media marketing or how about 25 essential blogging tips? All that can be found at  any heavy duty searching. It is one of the blogs I look at everyday. His posting on ,has Google seen your website, was very helpful and informative.
I have found that if you ask David a question he will have your answer in a short time and it will always be helpful. His writing style is professional and easy to understand, a big plus for me. If you have not been to  do yourself a favor and head over to it. Right after you finish reading this my blog of course!!!
 You might ask what do these images of Arizona have to do with Derek's site??? Actually nothing at all but I'm a photographer with me you get photos:)  After yesterdays post went up I received really positive comments about the images of Arizona. Including one that said she loves anything with blue in it. Made me feel all warm inside lol.
On the rim In front of  the El TOVAR Lodge

Morning fog in the valley looking down from the rim.

Castle Rock Sedona
 So for those people  who love the color blue or red, are more images from Arizona. Some from the Grand Canyon and one from Sedona.


Deanne said... your photo's...I just came back from India and wish I had that eye for photography like this! I think I did ok with my photo's but some people just have that eye for this!

Derek Jones said...

Thank you sooooo much Jim....I'm so honoured..!!!

It makes it all worthwhile when someone like yourself enjoys the content I post on my blog.

Funny enough, when I first started the blog, it was intended to be "a little bit of business banter" but I just cannot help myself :)

Your pics of Arizona are just "Brilliant"..!! You've got such talent there Jim as they make me want to come and live there :) Keep them pics coming..!!

Thank you again Jim. Now that I'm back to normal, I hope to bring you more great content.


YogaSavy said...

The pictures are breathtaking!

Sherry said...

I love Arizona! I lived there years ago for six months. Someday I want to make it Sedona. Your photos are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Seriously.

Jason Howard said...

Your photos are amazing!

Healing Morning said...

You know that moment that hits where you look at something that is beautiful both visually and energetically and you get goosebumps? That's what happens when I look at your photos, my friend. Coming here always gives my Soul that big "ahhh....lovely" moment.



JIM said...

Thank YOu EVERYONE....
Deanne I appreciate your words..very much.
Derek the word brilliant.. rocks me
Yoga thank you I loved your blog also
Sherry .. you know what i feel for Arizona go to Sedona
Jason Thank You so much
Dawn... No twinkles no whimsy just a heartfelt thank you.. you bring me to my knees with your so very kind words. I will try and live up to them

Thank You

sulekkha said...

Amazing pictures, Jim. And recommending a friend shows a generous nature. thanks for sharing.

Royal Nirupam said...

Wonderful Jim shots as usual.Not just photography but painting through lenses

Aaron said...

I took a couple days away from the computer but your two arizone posts were excellent reintroductions. The photos as always were beautiful.
And I agree, Derek's blog is an excellent blog. It has provided me with many answers when I was looking for them about blogging

Debbie said...

Beautiful JIM, dani my daughter is from AZ. I am gonna share with her your pics later tonight! Thanks for sharing