Thursday, March 3, 2011


One of the great benefits to what we do is meeting some really wonderful people, plus we have the honor of photographing their memories. What could be better then being with great people on the happiest day of their lives? Well, at least one of their happiest days as some find out. Two such couples are Kathy and Jason Tolwinski and Wendy and Antonio Huertas. We photographed both of their wedding days in the last few years. Kathy and I knew each other for many years, having worked together in my previous work life.

I had heard that Kathy really liked this guy, Jason so when they announced they were getting married,  I, like all our friends, were thrilled for her. I was honored to be asked to photograph their day. We met Wendy and Antonio in a Border's Book Store, for the first time, to decide if we would be photographing their wedding day. It was one of those times when you meet a couple and know they're in love and that their wedding day would be a great day with some great photo opportunities.

They were two different professional relationships but the same outcome: a great wedding day full of love and fun. Kathy and Jason's was in upper New York State and Wendy and Antonio's in New Hampshire. We truly hard a great time at both weddings. They created great memories for us.

We flash forward a few years and both couples have made wonderfully big announcements. Both of their families will be increasing by one (at least I think only one lol). Both Wendy and Kathy are having  their first child in the next few months. What a great thing it is for us to hear that two of our brides and grooms are both expanding their families.

Phyllis and I would like to congratulate both of these wonderful couples. These children do not know what many of us already know. They are so lucky to be born with moms and dads like these young people. They will be born into a family full of love and compassion. I am not just speaking of their parents but also their extended families. On both wedding days, you could see what warm loving families all four were. If it does take a village and I believe it does, then these children could not be born into a better village.

Congratulations to both families! We wish we could be there to photograph the first day but if you travel down to Florida, we will gladly provide a family portrait session as our gift to the two families.

First two images are KATHY AND JASON

The next two are Wendy and Antonio


Pixielashes said...

Wooooooow!!! Jim you have got to photograph my wedding you are a genius!!!! we r in talks about it hahaha!!! (vegas is on the cards ;)) xxx

Vivek Chamoli said...

Awesome photography , really liked it :)

thanks for stopping by my blog , yeah you being a photographer do need the lightbox to enhance your photographs aura.

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Mari S. Wilbur said...

Magical photos for special people!! How wonderful for the wedding couple, their families and you as their photographer recording it.